ESTC answers EU call for PEF-study

The ESTC has submitted a proposal to assist the European Union in establishing the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) for synthetic turf.

The proposal follows a call from the EU to develop a harmonised environmental footprinting methodology that can accommodate a broad suite of relevant environmental performance criteria for a variety of products and industries (EU Single Market Act II – 2012).

Harmonising the measuring criteria will help the correct labelling of products and should close the door on so-called ‘green-washing’ practices whereby claims or logos are being used randomly without having the validity verified by a qualified and independent authority. Most of these claims are about the environmental impact or friendliness of a product.

“The nature of our product and industry means that we want to be involved in drafting these criteria. The synthetic turf industry has already been working for years to develop more sustainable products and systems. Collectively firms have invested billions to this achieve this and many of them have already succeeded. All that is missing is an official framework to further guide or recognise these improvements and achievements, thereby protecting these efforts from unscrupulous companies making similar but unwarranted claims,” says ESTC Director General, Stefan Diderich.

The proposal has been drafted together with the European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA).

“As we anticipate other industries also being eager to participate in the drafting of a Product Environmental Footprint, we have decided to join hands with ECRA in case the EU has to make a selection. The combined impact of our industries should warrant the EU including us in the drafting process.”