Leading the evolution of turf, to create healthy & sustainable spaces.


Our mission is to represent a turf industry which embodies excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we drive responsible practices and evidence-based progress, ensuring the enduring positive influence of turf solutions on communities and the environment.


The strategy of ESTC can best be captured in our 4-pillar model, consisting of Advocacy, Education, Networking and Communications. Each pillar has a pillar leader.

  • Advocacy – Frenk Stoop (Polytex)
  • Communications – Paul Fraser (Tarkett Sports)
  • Knowledge – Eric O’Donnell (Sports Labs)
  • Networking – Luca Girelli (Trocellen)


At the centre of everything we do as an Organisation, is our vision to build a circular model. We will develop our circular strategy taking into account sourcing of raw materials, regeneration, and responsible end-of-life processing to close the loop in our supply chains. The principal aims are to reduce waste and pollution, maintain use of products and materials, reduce CO₂ levels and regenerate systems. ESTC is focused on working with members according to a circular economy model.

ESTC Organisation Pillars


ESTC is the foremost organisation in EMEA for information gathering and knowledge sharing. Our members benefit from instant access to the latest subjects affecting the synthetic turf industry, delivered on a variety of platforms, by experts in their field tackling the most important topics and discussion subjects. From infill to recycling, industry norms to technical guidance, our knowledge pillar provides the highest quality content and information.



Working on behalf of its membership, ESTC is actively in dialogue with key decision makers and influencers, with a direct involvement in the synthetic turf industry, on a local, regional, national and global scale. By cooperating with policy makers, ESTC is in a position to contribute positively, on behalf of the industry, to reviews of technical standards, certification criteria, norms & regulations and much more.



As the collective voice of the synthetic turf industry in the EMEA region, the Organisation’s mandate is to promote members and the industry as a whole, to a variety of stakeholders including government bodies, national federations and end clients. Regular, frequent communication to ensure the most up to date information and news is shared with the membership base, by way of the monthly ESTC Times newsletter, webinars and the interactive ESTC Wall.



ESTC membership facilitates access to the most prominent organisations and individuals in the turf industry in Europe, and indeed globally. An ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise and share in finding solutions with peers who are facing similar challenges. Working in partnership with peers and focus groups, ESTC can offer the opportunity to allow members to play a significant role in determining positive change in the industry and forming new strategic roadmaps for the future of the synthetic turf industry.


Task Forces have a specific task and role within the ESTC organisation and will typically therefore have a defined lifespan. Task Forces will be created by the technical committee, following discussion topics being generated in the Interest Groups. Members of these Task Forces will be selected by the Technical Committee and the Interest Groups according to the subject matter. The ESTC Board will thereafter recommend on the creation of Task Forces on specific, proposed topics.


Interest Groups are forums to share ideas, raise specific issues and suggest proposals for work items. Interest Groups are permanent groups and are open to all ESTC members. Each Interest Group has a Chair and a (technical) Representative in the Technical Committee. The purpose of the Interest Groups is to ensure that all areas of the ESTC membership are represented. These discussion forums will generate subjects to be proposed to the Technical Committee and a decision will be made on whether to create a Task Force on the subject.