The ESTC Personality Award is designed to recognize an individual’s hard work and achievements in the ESTC organisation and/or for the synthetic turf industry. The idea behind the award is to create a ‘Hall of Fame’ and acknowledge key individuals from our industry who will be added to the Hall of Fame on an annual basis.

Tina Kramer (Tarkett Sports) won the award at the ESTC Congress 2024 in Porto

Tina Kramer - Tarkett Sports

Awarded during the 2024 Congress in Porto.

Friedemann Söll​

Awarded during the 2023 Congress in Stockholm.

Eric O’Donnell – Sports Labs

Eric O’Donnell - Sports Labs

Awarded during the 2022 Congress in Nice.​

Colin Young – TenCate Grass

Awarded during the 2023 Congress in Stockholm (due to Covid there was no live event in 2021 where the award could be given)