Join the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council

If you wish to apply for membership, please complete the relevant application form and send it to the ESTC secretariat.

General conditions for membership

The general conditions for membership of companies in ESTC are as follows:

  • Potential member companies should be operating for at least 1 year;
  • Potential member companies should fall into at least one of the categories listed hereafter;
  • Ownership of potential member companies should not be based in a country with a non-market economy.

Full Member

The specific conditions per membership categories in ESTC (if any) are as follows:

Material Manufacturers & Suppliers

Companies whose primary business is to provide materials or manufacturing services to the synthetic turf industry. These companies do not provide turn-key installation of the synthetic turf nor provide the overall warranty for an installation.

Specialty Manufacturers & Service Organisations

Maintenance service companies, equipment manufacturers, professional service organisations, and other companies who sell their products/provide their services primarily to the buyer or end-user.

Testing Labs, Services & Equipment

Independent testing companies capable of testing synthetic turf and its components.

Base Contractors

Companies whose primary responsibility is building the base under the sports field, and not the synthetic turf system above the base.

Builders & Installers (incl Sub-base Contractors)

Companies whose primary responsibility is installing synthetic turf systems either directly or indirectly through a sub-contractor or distributor. These organisations often have turn-key responsibility for the synthetic turf installation and provide the overall warranty for the installation. It is recognised that some companies in this category may manufacture synthetic turf or provide other system components.

Regional Landscape & Recreation Installers

Companies whose primary responsibility is installing landscape, golf, and recreation synthetic grass, but does not install sports fields.

Independent Professionals & Consultants

Firms with legally registered or licensed design professionals or engineers, as well as those with non-licensed practitioners or consultants that represent or advise the owner/end-user with surface and systems selection information, technical specifications, system designs, bid and construction documents, etc.

Affiliate member

The specific conditions per membership categories in ESTC (if any) are as follows:


University in sports-marketing, research.

Sports governing bodies

National, European or International Sports governing body. This could include leagues, clubs.