ESTC: EMEA Synthetic Turf Council

Europe, Middle East & Africa

ESTC: The Industry’s Trade Consumer Organization

ESTC: The Voice of the Industry

ESTC Congress 2002, Nice


Telco on ST plans of World Rugby

Marc Douglas has accepted an invitation by the ESTC to host a…

ECHA opinion delayed by 3 months

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has decided to take an extra…

2020 ESTC conference confirmed

The ESTC announced today the dates and venue for the 2020 conference. Next’…


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ESTC was formed to ensure quality turf and to provide information that can assist in finding the most appropriate synthetic turf solution.

Knowledge Centre

The ESTC Knowledge Centre contains valuable information and resources that cover most areas within the synthetic turf industry, from choosing a synthetic surface right through to care and maintenance, as well as advice and information from some of the leading manufactures from within the industry.