ESTC: EMEA Synthetic Turf Council

Europe, Middle East & Africa

ESTC: The Industry’s Trade Consumer Organization

ESTC: The Voice of the Industry

ESTC is the trade association for the synthetic turf industry in the EMEA region. Its objective and purpose is to serve, promote, develop, grow and advocate for the synthetic turf industry. We work in both the sports and landscaping sectors.

ESTC fulfils its role by means of close collaboration with all parties involved; members, end-users, sports governing bodies and legislators.

ESTC is focused on the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Via our partnership with the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) in North America, ESTC also helps its members achieve a global reach. On a local level, ESTC works closely with national industry associations to accomplish our goals and objectives.


Our members are at the core of everything we do and are the driving force of the organization. The strategy of ESTC can best be visualised in a 4-pillar model, consisting of Advocacy, Knowledge, Marketing and Networking. Our vision is to build a circular model taking into account sourcing of raw materials, regeneration, and responsible end-of-life processing to close the loop in our supply chains. ESTC is focused on working with members according to a circular economy model.



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ESTC was formed to ensure quality turf and to provide information that can assist in finding the most appropriate synthetic turf solution.

Knowledge Centre

The ESTC Knowledge Centre contains valuable information and resources that cover all relevant areas within the synthetic turf industry. You will find information about how to chose the best synthetic turf surface for your application, guidance on maintenance frequency and activities as well as information about the correct disposal procedures for end of use synthetic turf.