Processing End of Life Synthetic Turf Sports Surfaces

Upon the initiative of the End of Life Working Group, a new guidance document relating to End Of Life solutions for the synthetic turf industry has been created. As the demand and need to dispose of end of life synthetic turf surfaces in an environmentally-sensitive way grows, ESTC members are making major investments in new technologies that are allowing the surfaces to be reprocessed in an environmentally-sustainable way for the first time.

Recognising and wishing to encourage these developments, ESTC has produced this guide to assist everyone involved with the end of life disposal of synthetic turf sports fields. It highlights current options and best practice and gives an overview on the legal obligations that need to be considered before a surface is disposed of.

circular grass

Recycling Facilities for synthetic Turf Systems in Europe

recycling plant locations map
This guide aims to provide comprehensive information on companies in Europe that are actively offering recycling services for synthetic turf systems. It includes a location map infographic highlighting these companies, along with details about their facilities and features. This will enable interested parties to easily identify and access recycling services. The increase in specialty recycling services signifies a positive development in sustainability efforts within the synthetic turf industry and the release of this document demonstrates ESTC’s commitment to encourage sustainable and responsible waste management practices. Intended to be a valuable resource for members and for industry stakeholders and we would therefore like to encourage you to share this document with your customers, suppliers and other interested parties. The document will be updated when new recycling facilities become operational. Release date: 28 June 2023.


The section below will be continuously updated with new end of life initiatives and solutions for synthetic turf systems, provided by ESTC member companies.

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September 2021