Pro Padel League Chooses Realturf as Its Official Playing Surface

13 June 2024

Finally, we can announce a great collaboration in the world of sport, more specifically in the world of artificial turf for padel courts. It is a new agreement that positions Realturf as the new official playing surface for the Pro Padel League (PPL), the only professional padel league in the United States.

What is the Pro Padel League about?

As announced before, Pro Padel League is the first professional padel league in North America that will start on August 2024 and will consist of 7 mixed teams from the United States, Mexico and Canada. Each team will have 8 players, and 4 of them will be starters -two male players and two female players-.

The league was created with the aim of increasing interest in the sport within the country, so for the moment several events are expected to be held in Los Angeles and New York, although other possible cities have yet to be decided to hold this great league.

What makes Realturf’s artificial turf for padel stand out?

The local manufacturing in Realturf Factory in Crevillente (Alicante) allows to its customers the possibility to manufacture the rolls of artificial turf for paddle courts at 5m wide, thus creating their Padel Easy system, which consists of a configuration of rolls that achieves:

  • More than 50% savings on joints.
  • A saving of more than 50% in adhesive tapes.
  • The need for 50% less adhesive.
  • Savings of more than 3 hours in installation.

Realturf artificial turf rolls are manufactured according to the type of fiber, generating different models of artificial turf: fibrillated, monofilament and texturized. Of course, always developed following the highest standards of the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) and being tested in independent laboratories.

‘We look forward to working with Realturf and developing customized court designs for the PPL to provide an optimal playing surface for our players in the League,’ said Marcos del Pilar of the PPL Commission.

How does Realturf participate in the Pro Padel League agreement?

In this collaboration, Realturf will not only be the official turf of the Pro Padel League, in addition to its commitment to collaborate in the development of unique and innovative designs in the world of sports turf for the league’s padel courts.

‘We are committed to providing high performance artificial turf for the league and its players,’ said Carlos Bataller, General Manager of Realturf USA.

In addition, they are proud to be the official court surface of the league and are looking forward to enjoying this multi-year agreement providing quality turf for the players.