PGR – The Revolution of Artificial Grass for Padel Courts

6 June 2024

The two great padel expert companies, Realturf and Padel Galis, collaborate to create a new artificial grass for padel courts created by and for the players, and along with the great help of Bela, considered to be the best player of all times.

Thanks to Bela, this project has experienced a leap in quality due to a great demand for attention to detail as a professional player, thus generating the possibility of launching a product that continues to add to the practice of the sport and the development of the game at all levels, from amateur to professional. Realturf together with Padel Galis have managed to make all this a reality.

‘I saw the opportunity, in which the feeling of comfort is from the day you meet the grass, with the feeling of a more comfortable slide,’ says Bela, six-time world champion.

The PGR artificial turf is the result of the need to generate an artificial turf that achieves a faster and less harmful game for professionals but also for amateurs who play padel. This artificial turf was born from the idea of a professional player such as Bela and has been conceptualized for all players.

‘With this artificial turf we try to achieve a faster game, which gives mobility to the player and ball speed’ says Juan Larraz, CEO of Padel Galis.

What is PGR?

PGR is the new 10 mm high textured artificial grass manufactured in Realturf Factory in Alicante and created by both companies Realturf and Padel Galis in collaboration with the sixteen-time professional player world champion, Bela.

To develop this artificial turf both companies had to deal with certain challenges to adjust the product to the expectations of market specialists.

‘In order to get more speed and bounce from the ball we had to change the characteristic of the fiber, getting a more adapted shock absorption to the player,’ says Antonio Candela, CEO of Realturf. ‘In terms of absorption and thanks to its fleece, the tests show that officially we get a faster game and less aggressive to the joints of the players.

The product offers three important improvements:

  • Performance: thanks to their black fleece, a better glide and a better bounce of the ball is achieved, which generates a faster and less injurious game.
  • Sustainability: thanks to its white backing Everback by Realturf is a 100% recyclable product.
  • Aesthetics: Its black fleece retains the silica sand preventing it from coming out in its entirety to the outside, and in addition, we can find a complement of silica sand to the tone of the court generating a perfect color combination.

‘The ball comes to you more easily because it doesn’t slow you down,’ says Bela, adding that ‘the glide is much easier and more comfortable’. Thanks to the tests carried out by the independent laboratory of Valencia Institute of Biomechanics (IBV), it has been proven that players prefer PGR artificial grass courts because of their better glide compared to conventional padel courts.

Have the padel courts with artificial turf been tested?

As we have already mentioned, they contacted IBV to test the new PGR turf and check its characteristics in detail. A mechanical test was carried out to analyze the movements of the players in real time, with a total of 11 professional padel users and Bela; and then a survey was carried out in which the players gave their impressions after playing on the new PGR court in front of the official World Padel Tour court.

All tests were carried out in accordance with current regulations:

  • Force reduction with the Advanced Artificial Athlete (AAA)
  • Rotational resistance
  • Vertical bounce
  • Angled bounce
  • Friction
  • Shock absorption.

And thanks to these tests, the qualities of this new paddle court turf have been demonstrated.

It has also been tested by the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) and has been homologated.

What is the Realturf Padel Easy system?

In addition to the innovation in PGR artificial grass, we add its ease of installation thanks to the Realturf Padel Easy system, which saves a great deal of joints, installation time, adhesive and joint tape.

Play like a professional on a quality grass with this court made by and for players. Thanks to these characteristics provided by new technologies, players will be able to play with the security of a correct grip but allowing them a better sliding to achieve a faster game and therefore, much less harmful.