Vote of confidence for Council

The ESTC Council has received a vote of confidence from its members. The three members whose seats were up for election, have all been re-elected. The council has been further strengthened with the election of Stefaan Florquin (Re-Match).

The ESTC Council is made up of 10 members, including two vice-presidents, who are elected for a 3-year period.

Elections were needed as the term of four council members was coming to an end on the of November 1st. Three of the Council members indicated that they would like to extend their participation in the Council and would stand for re-election. They were challenged by several other members keen to join the Council.

ESTC members were invited to cast their vote for the council members during September and October. The final result is that Friedemann Söll of Polytan, Luca Girelli of Trocellen and Frenk Stoop of Sekisui Alveo have been re-elected and that Stefaan Florquin will join the Council.

“The fact that three current Council members have been re-elected shows that the work that is being done is appreciated by the membership. There are many challenges ahead but we are confident that with a strong Council in place, and the support of an active membership, these challenges can be met,” ESTC Director General Stefan Diderich says. “The ESTC Council wishes to thank outgoing Council member Aurélien Leblan (Labosport) for his commitment to the Council over the past years.”

Executive Chairman: Stefan Diderich
Vice President: Friedemann Söll, Polytan
Vice President: Hein Heerink, TenCate Grass

Council members:
Frenk Stoop (Sekisui Alveo)
Luca Girelli (Trocellen)
Stefaan Florquin (Re-Match)
Massimo Seghezzi (Radici P Industries)
Gert-Jan Kieft (Kiwa ISA Sport)
Jaroslav Buda (Juta)
Frédéric Rasschaert (BFS Europe)
Susanne Thillaye (Eurofield)

Technical Consultant: Alastair Cox
Director of Operations: Natasja Faelens