ESTC and SASPI strengthen ties

The EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC) and the South African Sports and Play Industry (SASPI) have agreed to further explore opportunities to jointly develop the synthetic turf industry in Africa.

Representatives of both organisations used the FSB Show in Cologne, Germany, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to closely work together in the interest of both the synthetic turf industry and the market.

“Africa is a very important continent for us as most of our members develop synthetic turf solutions with the diversity of Africa’s climate and geographical conditions in mind. We are very pleased to know that SASPI shares our eagerness to further develop the market. SASPI is a well-established organisation and unites almost all quality players in the market for synthetic turf in South Africa. A close partnership would certainly help both SASPI and the ESTC to take matters to the next level,” says ESTC Director General Stefan Diderich.

ESTC is the industry association for the synthetic turf industry in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. It closely works with the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) in North-America and serves as the forum to promote, develop, grow and advocate for the synthetic turf industry.

“Synthetic turf provides a water and energy-saving solution to green gardens and public spaces as well as delivering a quality and safe sports surface in any location. However, it is important that investors spend their money correctly. Therefore the ESTC continuously liaise with authorities at every level to develop and improve the quality standards for the industry,” Diderich adds.

Good examples are the quality guidelines that the ESTC recently introduced for landscaping turf, and the improved quality standard for UV-testing. “By embracing our protocol for UV-testing, FIFA, World Rugby and FIH have made sure that clubs and players will have more joy from their investment.”

SASPI CEO Jeremy Stewart views a partnership as a way to further inform and educate the market. “South Africa is in the unique position of being the only country on the African continent that has a well-established synthetic turf production and installation industry. A close relationship with the ESTC would really help us in guiding and educating our market and helping the end-user to invest their money wisely.”