Sustainable ProPlay shock pad now certified as subbase for field hockey fields in the Netherlands

ProPlay, the sustainable shock pad produced by Schmitz Foam Products, has been officially certified by the Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB) as a subbase for field hockey fields. 

When the Dutch hockey club RHC Concordia was forced to replace all their fields due to extreme flooding in July 2021, they wanted to invest in a durable and sustainable solution. ProPlay is produced of recycled foam, and meets all performance criteria, but it was not yet certified. The club requested approval to use ProPlay as a subbase for their new artificial turf fields, and the KNHB responded positively to this request by certifying ProPlay.

Shock pad made of residual foam
ProPlay shock pads are produced out of collected residual foam sourced from high-end industries such as the automotive industry. The used residual materials have passed all quality tests and are therefore suitable for processing into high-quality products. Without Schmitz Foam Products giving these surplus foams a second life, they would likely end up in landfills or in incinerators.

ProPlay is recyclable at end of life
ProPlay can be recycled. When it is no longer used for its original application, the shock pads can be collected by Schmitz Foam Products after which they are processed into new materials. Not only is this sustainable, it also provides clubs like RHC Concordia with a potential significant cost saving, as having subbases disposed of often is an expensive process.

Easy installation saves time
Because ProPlay shock pads are supplied in their characteristic jigsaw puzzle shape, installing the subbase takes little time.  It doesn’t require special skills or equipment and is independent of weather conditions. As a result, the entire project of replacing RHC Concordia’s three field hockey fields could be accomplished from start to finish in just five months. Since the club no longer had any officially approved field to play on, this quick installation was much needed.

Shock pad resistant to heavy equipment
Because clubs want to thoroughly clean their fields on a regular basis, it is important that these fields can withstand heavy equipment. ProPlay is on average thicker than other subbase surfaces for sports fields. This provides extra strength and a longer lifespan. ProPlay is guaranteed to last at least 25 years and the pads serve as a suitable subbase, even after the artificial turf is replaced.