ESTC Board elects Chair and Vice Chair

At their last meeting of the year, held on December 7 in Düsseldorf, the ESTC Board of Directors elected the new Chair and Vice Chair to the Executive Committee, for the coming 2 years.
ESTC is pleased to announce that Colin Young (Ten Cate Grass) was elected Chair and Paul Fraser (Tarkett Sports) Vice Chair.
Colin Young succeeds Friedemann Söll (Polytan), who has not only held the position of Chair for the past 2 years but has been a driving force for 15 years, playing a crucial role in the transformation of ESTO into ESTC as we know it today. Fortunately, Friedemann will continue to serve on the Board as the Immediate Past Chair. Creating this new position will facilitate the smooth handover and will ensure the Board can still rely on the outgoing Chair’s experience and expertise.  The Immediate Past Chair will have a consultative role, with no voting rights.

Colin Young :  “I’m really honoured to be taking over the Chair from Friedemann who has driven the ESTC forwards over the past several years and put us into a very strong position ready to face future challenges with lots of impending transitional legislation. We are lucky to have a strong devise board from a range of companies representing all types of ESTC members. The whole turf industry continues to grow and mature; it’s a really exciting time for us and I hope that the ESTC can continue to support the development and growth for the benefit of all members.”

Paul Fraser : “Having been part of the Board for the last two years, and leading the Marketing Pillar, I am very pleased to now take on the role of Vice Chair. I look forward to working with Colin as the new Chair, the ESTC Board and the wider membership going forward. Our industry is going through significant change and challenges however there are tremendous opportunities for us to embrace the challenges jointly and to overcome them with one voice.”

New  strategic Pillar leaders appointed 
In addition, the leaders for the 4 strategic Pillars were (re)-appointed.  Luca Girelli (Trocellen) will continue to lead the Networking Pillar, Paul Fraser handed over the responsibility of the Marketing Pillar to Amii van Werven (Intelligent Play),  Frenk Stoop (Polytex) takes over the Advocacy Pillar from Friedemann Söll and last but not least, Eric O’Donnell (Sports Labs) will head the Knowledge Pillar, succeeding Gert-Jan Kieft (Kiwa ISA Sport).  The Pillar leaders will now work on a strategy and action plan for the next year and will be sharing this with all of you shortly !