HeroShape: Game performance always at the top

Even though the lockdown saw us locked in  our home, Limonta Sport R&D never stopped developing.  First,  they introduced us to TriShape, the turf with 3 colours and 3 shapes of filament which has a 100% natural look.

Now  they are ready to present HeroShape to the market, which, thanks to a revolutionary filament geometry, guarantees very high resistance and excellent visual coverage of the playing field.

The HeroShape has been created to meet the needs of the professional player.

It combines wear resistance with resilience, ensuring constant game performance over time.

The HeroShape has been tested by accredited institutes according to the latest FIFA and WR requirements, successfully passing any durability and performance tests required by international standards.

The HeroShape is in fact approved according to international protocols FIFA, WR, NORDIC, GAA, EN 15330, EN 71-3, EN 13501-1, EN 71-3, DIN 18035.


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