Genan proactively leads the way to stop rubber infill from spreading from pitches

As a responsible manufacturer of high-performance ELT infill, continuously striving for a sustainable future, Genan has made a short, informative video explaining how we can all contribute to keeping granules on the pitch. Even simple measures make a huge difference, and we can all do something!

This inspirational, new video can be watched at the Genan website, where stakeholders at all levels may also download Genan’s 3 simple guides to the installation and maintenance of – as well as behaviour around – artificial turf pitches.

“In terms of performance and natural ball behaviour, ELT granulate is unarguably the number one infill solution,” says Group CEO at Genan, Poul Steen Rasmussen. “And keeping granules on the pitch is indeed both possible and doable, if pitches are constructed and maintained in the right way. Users must act responsibly and follow simple brush-off routines before they leave the pitch.”

For the sake of the environment – and to keep the need for granulate refill at a minimum – artificial turf pitches should be both constructed and maintained in a way to ensure that rubber granules stay on the pitch.

Genan welcomes all initiatives to protect the environment, and on the Genan website and YouTube channel, you can also find a short film (subtitled in different languages) about a recent Swedish research project, where different stakeholders joined forces to construct a reference pitch (Bergaviks IP). At this pitch, made as a closed system with preventive measures, filters etc., the loss of microplastics to the aquatic environment was successfully reduced to as little as 100 grams a year – of which only approximately 1 gram was rubber granulate!

“The recycling of end-of-life tyres helps solving a huge, global waste problem. Worn-down tyres are turned into a valuable resource with exceptional product properties – and vast amounts of CO2 are saved,” says Poul Steen Rasmussen. “But we must take sustainability even further and ensure that infill material then stays on the pitch. It really isn’t that difficult…”

With adequate containment measures and responsible behaviour, we can all help take good care of our artificial turf pitches – and their surroundings. For the benefit of public health – and the environment that we all share.