ECHA makes decision on PAHs limits

The Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) has adopted its final opinion supporting the proposal for restricting eight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) found in granules and mulches used, for example, in synthetic turf pitches and playgrounds.

The restriction proposal lowers the total concentration limit of eight PAHs to 20 mg/kg (0.002 % by weight). The concentration limits for PAHs in mixtures supplied to the general public are currently set at 100 mg/kg or 1 000 mg/kg for each of the substances.

Following SEAC’s adoption of its final opinion, the opinions of both RAC and SEAC will be forwarded to the European Commission. The Commission will consider if the conditions for the restriction are met, prepare a draft restriction measure to amend the REACH Restrictions list (Annex XVII) and submit this for an opinion to Member States in the REACH Committee.

ESTC Director General, Stefan Diderich is very pleased with SEAC’s decision. “We are very pleased to hear that ECHA’s scientific committees support a maximum that was proposed by the industry itself. This clearly demonstrates that the synthetic turf industry is mature enough to deal with complicated issues and to implement self-regulation that serves stakeholders both within and without the industry. It fills me with pride to know that the ESTC and some of our members were amongst those supplying all necessary information and documentation that assisted in the process of drafting this recommendation. I am confident that this pro-active approach will continue to serve the industry in the future.”