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FIH releases new Hockey Turf & Field Standards for 2021

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is pleased to announce that the FIH Quality Programme – which is designed to ensure good quality hockey facilities are built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development – has released the latest updates to its Hockey Turf & Field Standards for 11-a-side fields and […]

ECHA asks RAC to prepare a supplementary opinion

ESTC is pleased to learn that the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has asked their Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) to prepare a supplementary opinion on the proposed restriction on intentionally-added microplastics with respect to polymeric infills used in synthetic turf sports fields. The request has been made so that RAC can consider new documents that have […]

World Rugby accepts lower pile height

World Rugby has announced that it now also accepts synthetic turf carpets with 50mm pile height for testing to be officially approved as a rugby surface. A 50mm pile-height is particularly popular for synthetic turf used in multisport and community venues. According to the governing body, by accepting 50mm carpets, it will be easier for […]

Football Foundation firm on Recycling

The Football Foundation in the UK is taking a proactive approach to whenever they grant aid a project that involves the resurfacing or conversion of an existing synthetic turf pitch. Framework members bidding for projects will only be able to use the services of recycling companies using approved methods of recycling for the disposal of […]

ESTC members join FIFA TAG

FIFA licensees have voted  for five representatives of ESTC members to represent them licensees at the FIFA Technical Advisory Group meetings. Massimo Seghezzi (Radici), Friedemann Söll (Polytan), Chris Vandenborre (Lano Sport), Ruben Paños (Mondo) and Güşan (Hatko) were selected from a list of nine possible candidates.  The presence of the five licensee representatives, plus the […]

Evolution of high quality shock pad is ahead of its time

The new ProPlay-Sport20 passes all tests The start of the new decade saw the ProPlay-Sport20 undergoing a update, this to ensure the world’s most popular shock pad is future-proof. 2020 turned out to be a year that was demanding in many ways, but the renewed ProPlay-Sport20 passed with distinction. ProPlay-Sport20 is widely praised for its […]

Jason Douglass named new SAPCA Chair

Jason Douglass, Group Director of S&C Slatter, has been appointed Chair of SAPCA for a two-year term. Jason, who was elected at today’s Annual General Meeting (15 December), will replace Andy Reed OBE in the role. Jason is a highly experienced industry professional who has spent over 20 years in the sports construction sector. He […]

GreenMatter wins Plastics Recycling Award 2020

  GreenMatter signed up for the prestigious award of the Plastics Recycling Award Europe already in September 2019. After the event had already been postponed several times, the award ceremony finally took place beginning of December. “These prestigious awards are intended to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the European plastics recycling industry. They provide […]

Microplastics restriction proposal : SEAC’s opinion

The European Chemical Agency’s (ECHA) Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) met Tuesday (8th December) to finalise and adopt its opinion on a restriction proposal to control the use of intentionally added microplastics. Following an extensive consultation process, based on their draft opinion published in June, SEAC is understood to have retained the two possible options […]

Sustainability & Recycling of Synthetic Turf Systems : the Future

THE SYNTHETIC TURF INDUSTRY IS AT A CROSSROAD. WHY? Public awareness of the damage caused by plastic waste in the environment means that manufacturing strategies that do not reduce the impact of production on the environment will soon become unacceptable. Of course, synthetic turf systems and shock pads will fall under the broad banner of […]