Schmitz Foam Products launches redesigned ProPlay® shock pad with reduced footprint

Schmitz Foam Products is the global supplier of high-quality ProPlay shock pads and has a reputation for its unrivalled solutions, innovation and quality. As of 1 January 2024, the company introduces its latest product: ProPlay-Sport23D/170. This improved variant replaces the successful ProPlay-Sport23D and can be manufactured with a more optimal mix of raw materials. The performance and stability of ProPlay-Sport23D/170 remain the same as its predecessor’s, but with an improved footprint.

The development of ProPlay-Sport23D/170 came about partly due to a continuous internal focus on product innovation and ecologically sustainable solutions – the latter also being advocated by professional associations such as the ESTC (EMEA Synthetic Turf Council). In addition, the enormous popularity of the ProPlay-Sport23D runner was the basis for the product innovation, illustrating how the greatest impact can be achieved through further development of a widely sold product.

Innovation and environmental performance go hand in hand

Testing with a new and balanced mix of raw materials resulted in an even better end product. The new ProPlay-Sport23D/170 is 10% lighter than its predecessor and has a lower density. As a result, Schmitz Foam Products has improved the carbon footprint of its most successful product. The technical properties remain virtually the same and the long product life span is still guaranteed. The latest shock pad perfectly meets the stricter performance and durability requirements specified by the new standard EN 15330-4. Like its predecessor, ProPlay-Sport23D/170 also qualifies for the highest drainage classification according to EN 15330-4 and is therefore very well equipped to drain sports fields when extreme precipitation is occurring ever more frequent. The lighter shock pad is also easier to work with, allowing artificial turf systems to be installed faster and even more efficiently. This makes ProPlay-Sport23D/170 the ultimate example of sustainable product optimisation: innovation and improved environmental performance go hand in hand.

Life cycle analysis

To accurately assess a product’s environmental impact, its entire life cycle must be considered, from raw material extraction and transportation to production, (re)use, and waste processing. To ensure consistent environmental performance evaluation, the European Commission has established a method for calculating the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). Additionally, product Category Rules (PEFCRs) guide the calculation of specific product groups’ ecological footprints.

This methodology has been widely adopted in areas like housing construction and is now gaining traction in the sports sector. Traditionally, sports field construction decisions have been based solely on sports-technical quality and athletic performance. However, the PEF value will increasingly influence tendering processes and sports field design.

The Netherlands has been using an environmental cost indicator (MKI), a precursor to the European Commission’s PEF, to evaluate products’ environmental impact holistically. All environmental aspects of a product are incorporated into the MKI score in a simple and controllable way. For this approach, we commissioned a life cycle assessment (LCA) of ProPlay-Sport23D/170, which shows that it has a significantly more favorable PEF than most prefab shock pads currently available.

25-year warranty

Schmitz Foam Products has been producing shock pads for more than 25 years and is now seen as an authority in the industry. The ProPlay shock pads are of high quality and deliver proven performance. They meet all the requirements of the artificial turf industry and are the perfect base for high-quality artificial grass systems. Because Schmitz Foam Products is synonymous with outstanding product quality – both now and in the future – there is a 25-year warranty on ProPlay shock pads. This covers the shock-absorbing properties, vertical deformation and energy restitution of the shock pad for a period of 25 years. The warranty can be requested by the owner of the artificial grass field.

More information on ProPlay-Sport23D/170 is available here.


About ProPlay

ProPlay provides safety to players and children, contributes to the experience and quality of the game and prolongs the lifespan of a synthetic grass surface. The shock pad is produced by Schmitz Foam Products, an international company that has been known for its unparalleled engineering, innovation and quality since 1935. In three decades this fourth-generation family-owned business provides shock absorbing and drainage solutions to the highest standards to a volume up to 4000 full size soccer pitches. These solutions set the trends in sports and playgrounds as well as in the equestrian and construction industries.

ProPlay is produced from the highest grade foams that no longer have a purpose for worlds’ largest foam producers and processors. By including these foams in the production process, Schmitz Foam prevents these items ending up in the waste stream. The state-of-the-art plants in Roermond (NL) and Coldwater (USA) are of the highest technical standards and also facilitate the recycling of ProPlay after its end of life. All ProPlay-Sport panels come with a 25-year warranty and comply with international environmental requirements and quality standards. People in over 70 countries are able to live their sport and play experience every day, regardless of the weather. The scientifically determined shock absorbing and draining capacities of ProPlay enables children and athletes to live a healthy life-style and guarantee a safe surface.

For further information please contact: Daphne Korten, Marketing Manager, E-mail: Schmitz Foam Products B.V., Produktieweg 6, 6045JC Roermond, Netherlands. T: +31 (0) 475 370 270,