RSI welcomes Markus Deimling

Recreational Systems International (RSI) has strengthened its LED Grass Grow technology for sports fields team in Germany by appointing Markus Deimling as new business manager for stadium pitch concepts . Deimling brings with close to 30 years’ experience in the flooring industry.

The appointment of a Business Manager Stadium Pitch Concepts for the German speaking countries is the final step for the launch of  the revolutionary Rhenac Sports LED grass grow unit later this year. The fully-automated unit for a full-size football pitch is currently being installed at the Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04. The system can be integrated in any stadium and uses various resources to decide on the best treatment for the pitch. Once this has been determined, it automatically instructs the unit to adjust the light, heat, fertilizing, irrigation or oxygen treatment.

“The launch of this technology is highly anticipated by clubs and stadiums all over the world as our integrated approach and unique knowledge regarding the perfect growth and recuperation conditions for a grass pitch, is being viewed as the final step towards a perfect pitch. With the first unit being unveiled in Germany later this year, the appointment of a country manager will help us rolling out the technology in one of Europe’s main football leagues,” says RSI Partner Arnoud Fiolet.

RSI is very pleased that Markus Deimling will be starting the position. Deimling has been in the flooring industry for close to 30 years and is well-known by the German sports venue fraternity. To him the new position is a logical step to align his ambitions with the latest market trend and preferences.

“Delivering the best quality surface has been my focus throughout my career and the current trend for stadiums is to have a grass or hybrid pitch. As Country Manager for RSI I will be in the position to draw from the best minds and scientists available to determine the best treatment for grass pitches and to deliver the latest and smart technology to have this achieved. ”

The appointment will be effective 1 February 2020.