RSI and RHENAC Greentec AG merge sales and operational activities

Recreational Systems International (NL) and Rhenac Greentec AG (DE) have merged their sales and operational activities for the Rhenac Greentec LED grass care applications for sports. Believing in the state-of-the-art Rhenac Greentec AG technology, RSI has also invested in the German company to support the research activities and to accelerate their introduction of innovations.

RSI and Rhenac Greentec AG will pursue capitalization of its superior knowledge and technology to grow its dominant role in the market for grass care by means of LED technology. The fast growth that both organizations have experienced, the opportunities the markets offer on a global scale and the continuous professionalization of both organizations have led to a more intense cooperation.

The product portfolio includes rigs with LED luminaires that speed up grass seed germination, enable healthy grass growth and support the setting of grass, as well as UV-C technology that prevents fungus, algae and diseases from growing and settling.

Rhenac Greentec is also a big player in the market for LED systems for urban farming and biomass production.

Horst Theisen, CEO of Rhenac Greentec AG, explains: “Rhenac Greentec has been researching the effect light can have on rootzone and leaf development for many years. In 2012 we decided to merge our knowledge of the light spectrum with the latest LED technology. LED has the advantage of being able to produce a much wider light spectrum. Our achievements since in the sports grass, biomass and agricultural industries have resulted in a fast growth for both our business lines.

The strengthening of our ties with RSI and the investment they have made, will guarantee that we can continue developing new products. It will also prepare us for the replacement onslaught we anticipate for conventional grass grow systems. LED technology has proven its quality, reliability and viability. As our LED technology is being used in various professional sports venues around the world already, it is import for us to scale up our organization without jeopardizing the quality and reliability to ensure we are able to answer the demand we anticipate. Hans Borgers, who will become our operations manager, brings 15 years of experience as organizational interim manager to our team. RSI partner Arnoud Fiolet, who will become our commercial director, is a turf professional with 25 years of global business development experience.”

Arnoud Fiolet adds. “We are thrilled that we can continue our journey by assuming operational and sales responsibility for the Rhenac grass growth and grass care business. The synergy between the two companies adds value to our stadium turf concept which encompasses hybrid turf, heating, covering, protection and LED grass grow and grass care maintenance technologies. It is a complete package for professional sports venues that desire a perfect pitch. With over 500 stadiums around the world currently considering replacing their conventional grass grow system by advanced LED technology, our proven and superior LED technology has made us the technological market leader for grass care. We have now positioned ourselves to seize the opportunity.”