Risk minimization by irradiation to ultraviolet light

Recreational Systems International can confirm that its Rhenac Sports LED UV-C 600 technology is effective in disinfecting lawns.

The mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector has been used for years to prevent the development of algae, fungi and other lawn diseases on sports turf. The system is working with UVC light, which is fundamentally suitable for combating viruses and bacteria and has similarly been used successfully for a long time for disinfecting surfaces and objects in hospitals. UVC light in the spectral range from 100 to 280 nm is the short-wave range of ultraviolet light. By irradiation with this very high-energy light, a photochemical reaction is triggered, which can contribute to the targeted damage or killing of microorganisms.

The RHENAC UVC lawn disinfector is moved across the sports surface using a lawn tractor. “Since the effectiveness of UVC light when deactivating microorganisms depends on the dosage, the light intensity and the light spectrum must be set according to our specifications when treating the lawn”, says Arnoud Fiolet from RHENAC GreenTec AG. With the RHENAC system, natural grass, hybrid and artificial grass pitches can be treated without affecting the quality of the lawn. “Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that UVC light can also be used to combat viruses. The treatment of the sports surfaces by our system thus contributes significantly to minimizing risk, ”says Fiolet.