ProPlay-MP12 delivers a more economical and ecological solution

The ProPlay-MP12 shock pad for play areas, small-sided game areas and multi-game areas facilitates children experiencing the best and safest possible playing moments in the early stages of their lives. It also helps facility owners to improve their sustainability score and facilitates the establishment of more of these early-childhood development areas.

Playing sports and games are essential for early childhood development as they will help to instil essentials playing and exercising, teamwork and dealing with winning and losing. Knowing that budget for these types of areas are always short, Schmitz Foam Products went on a quest to develop a new shock pad. ProPlay-MP12 delivers the required comfort but is more affordably priced and, in line with the Schmitz Foam Products philosophy, is produced with respect for the environment. “Schmitz Foam Products has always valued the various multi-game areas one can find in most urban developments around the world. These are essential to facilitate sports development and instil an enthusiasm to play sports. With more requirements being implemented for these multi games areas, we saw an opportunity to develop a shock pad specifically for these areas, meeting criteria from affordability to comfort and safety,” International Sales Manager Rob Moors explains. “Best of all is that its distinctive puzzle-shape allows for easy installation while the fact that it is made from remnant, high-quality foam material, makes that it also contributes to the environment.”

Sustainable solution

The shock pad is advised for grounds that are smaller than 2500m2 in size. “In the past, we often had customers opting for the ProPlay that we actually advise for use in larger sized sports fields. However, multi-game areas, small-sided sports grounds and play areas don’t require the level of engineering as shock pads for larger sports fields require do.” With this in mind, Schmitz Foam Products engineered the new ProPlay-MP12. “It delivers a comfortable shock absorption while being less demanding on the budget too.”

Closes the gap

The ProPlay-MP12 closes the gap between ProPlay-Sport20 for sports and ProPlay for playgrounds, two main products of the Schmitz Foam Products portfolio. “The requirements for multi-game areas in terms of impact attenuation are less demanding than those set for sports while our playgrounds products aren’t designed for use in this type of grounds. ProPlay-MP12 is certainly more robust, particularly in comparison to other products that are being offered on the market,” Rob Moors continues. The density of ProPlay-MP12 is four times higher,” Chief Technical Officer, Ron Moors points out. “This robustness allows for easy installation but also delivers a comfortable shock absorption. We know from our experience that this is sufficient to facilitate children playing sports like football or hockey.” The new ProPlay-MP12 offers the highest vertical drainage capacity among shock pads available in the market  The pad consists of foam flakes that are thermally bonded on a permeable non-woven. As Schmitz Foam Products only uses foam with a closed cell-structure, the small voids between the various flakes contribute towards the water flow capacity of a panel,“ Ron Moors continues. The water infiltration rate of ProPlay-MP12 still exceeds what FIFA or World Rugby dictate for their artificial turf grounds. “As soon as the rain stops, children will be able to come out again and to continue where they stopped when the rain started.” The speed with which the top-layer dries out, also serves the interest of the artificial turf carpet. “A carpet backing that stays dry will contribute to the lifespan of the artificial turf carpet.”

Facilitating new opportunities

Rob Moors points out that, another group of people who can benefit from the ProPlay-MP12, are the entrepreneurs that convert old industrial buildings into indoor multi-game areas and small-sided sports grounds. “At present they just draw the field markings on the ground which might be convenient but delivers a hazardous field to play on and can see them become liable for injuries. The concrete floor delivers no comfort to the joints or protection to falling or diving players. An investment in the ProPlay-MP12 and an artificial turf surface is relatively small but will deliver a much more safe and attractive multi-game ground.”

With the introduction of ProPlay-MP12, Schmitz Foam Products answers the need for establishing multi-game areas, small-sided sports fields and play areas at an affordable price. ProPlay-MP12 unites the best of multiple worlds: an affordable and sustainable shock and drainage pad. “Multi-game areas all over the world should strive to achieve the 3 Es: an economical, ecological and easy to install multi-game area that delivers the best comfort and cushioning possible,” Rob Moors concludes. The Schmitz Foam Products ProPlay-MP12 is doing just this.