Limonta Sport Installs Soccer Pitch With 100% Organic Infill

Limonta Sport has recently installed a soccer pitch at Villa Deportiva Ulima, Universidad de Lima, one of the most prestigious universities in Peru.

For this project, Max S 60 + Geo Plus (a 100% organic infill system) has been installed. This is the first FIFA approved in the whole of Latin-American for any artificial grass producer.


Revolutionary and cutting edge, it consists exclusively of a mixture of organic plant material, derived from defibration of woody plants, that have been carefully chosen and processed with an innovative process. The result a 100% natural and biodegradable infill because it is free from foreign materials, which ensures maximum performance and unparalled athlete safety.

The organic material used is essential for playability as it gives the pitch biomechanical features that allow players to make fluid and natural changes in direction. Plus adds to the technical advantages provided by Limonta Sport’s artificial turf, the comfort of natural grass, making it an ideal product for a pitch that maintains excellent performance, safety and endurance parameters over time so the athletes can focus on the game without adjusting their style.