ESTC welcomes three more new members

ESTC is delighted to announce the introduction of a further three members; CIRFS, Signgrass and Beens Grass Yarns.

CIRFS (European man-made fibre association) is the trade association that represents the interests of the Chemical Fibres industry in Europe. It currently has 28 full members which represents around 80% of European production. CIRFS is responsible for; defending members interests in fighting for Fairtrade, encouraging innovation and promoting standards, amongst a host of other things.

Signgrass is a manufacturer of custom-made synthetic turf that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The turf that they provide is applicable for a wide range of sports including; football, rugby, hockey and tennis. They also provide for a number of different sports grounds and stadiums as well as leisure areas, playgrounds and parks.

Beens Grass Yarns is an artificial grass producer based in the Netherlands, who specialise in custom made fibres for the leisure and landscape market.