ESTC responds to ECHA’s proposed restriction on microplastics

Today, ESTC sent its official initial response letter to ECHA regarding the restriction dossier on microplastics.  On April 5th, ESTC informed its members about the intended restriction of microplastics, including polymeric infill in synthetic turf, like SBR, EPDM and TPE.

View the letter.

On March 20th, a consultation period started during which the industry can provide their input that can help ECHA in making the correct recommendations. ECHA has specifically requested to provide response within 4 months after the start of the consultation period, with a preference to already submit a response by May 20th. ESTC has done so today with this initial response.

It is the role of ESTC to act on behalf of the industry, based on input received by the members. On April 25th, a meeting took place that was attended by 20 people. During and after that meeting, valuable information has been provided by a number of members that has helped us to formulate this initial response to ECHA.

The intention of ESTC’s response to ECHA is to request an exception for polymeric infills in the restriction dossier on microplastics and to keep all current infill materials available as options for synthetic turf. By no means does ESTC favour one type of infill over another.

ESTC is planning to provide the final response by June 30th, by which date all possible data to be used should be gathered and made available by the ESTC members.