ESTC organises webinar on how to deal with end of life turf

Today there are over 35,000 full size synthetic turf fields and many thousands of synthetic turf smaller community areas, tennis courts, etc.  That means that in the next 10 years or so over 245 million square meters of synthetic turf will reach its end of life. At the time these facilities were built end-of-life disposal was not a major consideration for many. As environmental awareness grows, the need to dispose of these surfaces in a sustainable way is becoming ever more important.

ESTC members are making major investments in new technologies that are allowing the surfaces to be reprocessed in an environmentally sustainable way for the first time. Recognising and wishing to encourage these developments ESTC has produced a Guide to assist everyone involved with the end-of-life disposal of synthetic turf sports fields. It highlights current options and best practice and gives an overview on the legal obligations that need to be considered before a surface is disposed of.

Apart from giving a full review of this End of Life Guide, we have invited an expert panel of speakers that will address a number of hot topics related to the end of life disposal of synthetic turf systems.

Panel of industry experts 

  • Paul Fraser (Fieldturf Tarkett)
  • Alastair Cox (ESTC / FIH)
  • Stefaan Florquin (Re-Match)
  • Don Lauritsen (GBN)
  • Alejandro Navazas (EuRIC)
  • Eric O’Donnell (Sports Labs)

Session Moderator : Eric O’Donnell, chair of the ESTC Task Force End of Life

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