ESTC members join FIFA TAG

FIFA licensees have voted  for five representatives of ESTC members to represent them licensees at the FIFA Technical Advisory Group meetings. Massimo Seghezzi (Radici), Friedemann Söll (Polytan), Chris Vandenborre (Lano Sport), Ruben Paños (Mondo) and Güşan (Hatko) were selected from a list of nine possible candidates.  The presence of the five licensee representatives, plus the European based Preferred Producers and the ESTC means that collectively we are able to make a meaningful and constructive contribution to the work of the FIFA TAG.

Looking to improve the efficiency of the TAG, it was agreed at the last meeting to form task groups that will focus on specialist topics should be formed to progress work and resent draft proposals to the TAG to consider.  These tasks groups have now been established and ESTC and is participating in their work.  Topics include PAH content of infill materials, bio-degradable and organic infills, and standards for non-filled synthetic turf.