Risk minimization by irradiation to ultraviolet light

Recreational Systems International can confirm that its Rhenac Sports LED UV-C 600 technology is effective in disinfecting lawns.

The mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector has been used for years to prevent the development of algae, fungi and other lawn diseases on sports turf. The system is working with UVC light, which is fundamentally suitable for combating viruses and bacteria and has similarly been used successfully for a long time for disinfecting surfaces and objects in hospitals. UVC light in the spectral range from 100 to 280 nm is the short-wave range of ultraviolet light. By irradiation with this very high-energy light, a photochemical reaction is triggered, which can contribute to the targeted damage or killing of microorganisms.

The RHENAC UVC lawn disinfector is moved across the sports surface using a lawn tractor. “Since the effectiveness of UVC light when deactivating microorganisms depends on the dosage, the light intensity and the light spectrum must be set according to our specifications when treating the lawn”, says Arnoud Fiolet from RHENAC GreenTec AG. With the RHENAC system, natural grass, hybrid and artificial grass pitches can be treated without affecting the quality of the lawn. “Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that UVC light can also be used to combat viruses. The treatment of the sports surfaces by our system thus contributes significantly to minimizing risk, ”says Fiolet.

RSI welcomes Markus Deimling

Recreational Systems International (RSI) has strengthened its LED Grass Grow technology for sports fields team in Germany by appointing Markus Deimling as new business manager for stadium pitch concepts . Deimling brings with close to 30 years’ experience in the flooring industry.

The appointment of a Business Manager Stadium Pitch Concepts for the German speaking countries is the final step for the launch of  the revolutionary Rhenac Sports LED grass grow unit later this year. The fully-automated unit for a full-size football pitch is currently being installed at the Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04. The system can be integrated in any stadium and uses various resources to decide on the best treatment for the pitch. Once this has been determined, it automatically instructs the unit to adjust the light, heat, fertilizing, irrigation or oxygen treatment.

“The launch of this technology is highly anticipated by clubs and stadiums all over the world as our integrated approach and unique knowledge regarding the perfect growth and recuperation conditions for a grass pitch, is being viewed as the final step towards a perfect pitch. With the first unit being unveiled in Germany later this year, the appointment of a country manager will help us rolling out the technology in one of Europe’s main football leagues,” says RSI Partner Arnoud Fiolet.

RSI is very pleased that Markus Deimling will be starting the position. Deimling has been in the flooring industry for close to 30 years and is well-known by the German sports venue fraternity. To him the new position is a logical step to align his ambitions with the latest market trend and preferences.

“Delivering the best quality surface has been my focus throughout my career and the current trend for stadiums is to have a grass or hybrid pitch. As Country Manager for RSI I will be in the position to draw from the best minds and scientists available to determine the best treatment for grass pitches and to deliver the latest and smart technology to have this achieved. ”

The appointment will be effective 1 February 2020.

RSI wins innovation tender; 100% recyclable artifical turf in the making

Dutch government tasks Recreational Systems International (RSI) with developing a truly 100% circular artificial turf.

RSI has won a tender by the Dutch government to develop the artificial turf systems of the future. The new systems will be 100% recyclable, while also meeting the quality standards defined in the Quality Programmes issued by FIFA, World Rugby and FIH.  

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) published a tender for ‘sustainable sports fields’ earlier this year. Together with its consortium partners DSM-NIAGA and NEXTECONOMY, RSI submitted a proposal for introducing a new raw material that will revolutionize the artificial turf industry, reflecting their a zero waste philosophy.

We will introduce a compound that will be stronger than the polypropylene that is currently used for the backing, that is as friendly to the skin as the polyethylene currently used for the fibers, and that is as secure as the latex currently used for fixing the fibres to the backing,” says Arnoud Fiolet of Recreational Systems International (RSI).  

Furthermore, the RSI Monomere concept project will deliver an artificial turf field that can easily be recycled into a new artificial turf field at the end of its economic lifespan. “It will be much easier to recycle an artificial turf field when it is made of just one high-end and non-degenerative material. At the end of its lifespan it will be possible to convert the recovered material into granules that can be used to manufacture artificial turf again. The product will become a truly 100% circular product as the material we will use does not degenerate,” he adds. 

The polypropylene, polyethylene and latex currently used in most artificial turf systems are degenerative materials that are difficult to separate. The materials cannot be mixed when producing new high-end products. 

Owners of artificial turf in most countries in Europe are left with no other option than to send the old turf to landfills or incinerators which results in unnecessary CO2 emissions. In the few countries where a recycling industry for artificial turf exists, the materials can only be used for  the production of lower-quality products such as picnic benches and kick boards. This problem is exacerbated by the absence of technology that allows for artificial turf to be recycled in artificial turf. 


In June this year, RSI and its consortium partners was one of the few organizations that were awarded funds by the Dutch government to do a feasibility study into solutions for ‘more sustainable sports fields’. 

It is a challenging quest to ensure that we are going to get artificial turf systems that meet all the strict requirements of clubs, players and the governing bodies without compromising on the quality and durability of an artificial turf system. That is why RSI will continue collaborating closely in this research with the various suppliers of raw materials, researchers and other specialists who focus on the quality of artificial turf.”

As well as adhering to the stringent quality requirements dictated by the various stakeholders, RSI and the consortium partners will also pursue introducing a product that is affordable to any club or school that is keen to have an artificial turf surface. 

RSI and its consortium partners strive day in, day out to deliver reliable, sustainable and innovative sports fields. The confidence shown by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport therefore stimulates us even more to achieve a good result,” concludes Fiolet.

RSI and RHENAC Greentec AG merge sales and operational activities

Recreational Systems International (NL) and Rhenac Greentec AG (DE) have merged their sales and operational activities for the Rhenac Greentec LED grass care applications for sports. Believing in the state-of-the-art Rhenac Greentec AG technology, RSI has also invested in the German company to support the research activities and to accelerate their introduction of innovations.

RSI and Rhenac Greentec AG will pursue capitalization of its superior knowledge and technology to grow its dominant role in the market for grass care by means of LED technology. The fast growth that both organizations have experienced, the opportunities the markets offer on a global scale and the continuous professionalization of both organizations have led to a more intense cooperation.

The product portfolio includes rigs with LED luminaires that speed up grass seed germination, enable healthy grass growth and support the setting of grass, as well as UV-C technology that prevents fungus, algae and diseases from growing and settling.

Rhenac Greentec is also a big player in the market for LED systems for urban farming and biomass production.

Horst Theisen, CEO of Rhenac Greentec AG, explains: “Rhenac Greentec has been researching the effect light can have on rootzone and leaf development for many years. In 2012 we decided to merge our knowledge of the light spectrum with the latest LED technology. LED has the advantage of being able to produce a much wider light spectrum. Our achievements since in the sports grass, biomass and agricultural industries have resulted in a fast growth for both our business lines.

The strengthening of our ties with RSI and the investment they have made, will guarantee that we can continue developing new products. It will also prepare us for the replacement onslaught we anticipate for conventional grass grow systems. LED technology has proven its quality, reliability and viability. As our LED technology is being used in various professional sports venues around the world already, it is import for us to scale up our organization without jeopardizing the quality and reliability to ensure we are able to answer the demand we anticipate. Hans Borgers, who will become our operations manager, brings 15 years of experience as organizational interim manager to our team. RSI partner Arnoud Fiolet, who will become our commercial director, is a turf professional with 25 years of global business development experience.”

Arnoud Fiolet adds. “We are thrilled that we can continue our journey by assuming operational and sales responsibility for the Rhenac grass growth and grass care business. The synergy between the two companies adds value to our stadium turf concept which encompasses hybrid turf, heating, covering, protection and LED grass grow and grass care maintenance technologies. It is a complete package for professional sports venues that desire a perfect pitch. With over 500 stadiums around the world currently considering replacing their conventional grass grow system by advanced LED technology, our proven and superior LED technology has made us the technological market leader for grass care. We have now positioned ourselves to seize the opportunity.”