Apetek presents certification for its products ‘Remade in Italy’

This certification is valid for all of our product ranges & proves that our products are 100% recycled and recyclable.
Choosing eco-friendly products means preferring the use of natural materials and, this is where our adhesion to the Green Circular Economy Program was born.
For some time now, the word “Green” has become commonplace in our vocabulary. Sustainability must be created by ourselves and therefore to the sustainability of the products we buy.
Clients are increasingly sensitive to the quality of the environment.
The REMADE in ITALY certification that our shock pads have identified products made of eco-friendly raw materials.
In nowadays, when the Earth is at the center of numerous bad events to the environment, the sustainable behavior that respects the natural heritage of the Planet, is using the REMADE in ITALY certified products.
A solution for those who want to protect the Earth by choosing a sustainable lifestyle.
We are Green and proud of it!