3 different shapes, 3 different colours for an extremely natural look

TriShape is a product which aims to replicate the playing condition of top natural turf
professional venues at the highest level.

A combination of three different filament shapes, TRI SHAPE provides optimal visual
effect, superior playability and enhanced durability due to special XQ polymer technology
of its fibres.

The two full corrugated shaped filaments have been combined with the high performing
double S filament, creating a unique mix of balanced properties and providing the resulting
system with incredible fibre durability, top level resilience and finally a look that can match
natural football venues for pro-clubs.

The thick sections and the spines alongside the fibers guarantee top long-run resilience, a
constant return of the yarn after each step into the vertical position that translates
in optimal ball roll/speed and high playability of the football turf.

The TRI SHAPE and its three distinct fibres were developed to improve the ability of the
turf to hold the infill inside, consistently reducing the infill splash effecttypical of traditional
football turf systems.

The colour combination/light refraction of TRI SHAPE has been studied by our R&D
department with the only goal being to replicate natural grass aesthetics and be realistic at
the point that the pitch look is at its best while playing on it, while checking it from the
stands and even while enjoying the game on TV live broadcast.

The TriShape is approved according to international protocols FIFA, WR, NORDIC,
GAA, EN 15330, EN 71-3, EN 13501-1, EN 71-3, DIN 18035.