The Lega Nazionale Dilettanti (National Amateur League) is the league which rules amateur football of Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in Italy.


An Italian company specialized in waste and recycling of artificial turf.
Thanks to an innovative patented industrial system (patent no. EP2096211), REFIELD is able to guarantee complete traceability of the disposal and subsequent recycling process, ensuring that each field is recovered in the most efficient way possible, maximizing the environmental benefits, thus simplifying the procedure for the benefit of the customer.


M-ideas is an Italian manufacturer Company, highly specialised in the development of artificial grass for landscaping and leisure applications.
The company has 10 years of experience.  With more than 20 landscaping products, they focus on the requests from the professional market.
M-ideas also offers installation and maintenance services, thanks to a wide range of accessories designed to ensure perfect results.

All Sports Recycled

All Sports Recycled have set out on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of worn-down artificial soccer turfs and to contribute to a more sustainable and circular life cycle together with the turf industry. The LOKI is the world’s first mobile separation solution, bringing sustainability and circular economy to the final phase of the life of an artificial soccer turf. With LOKI, up to 100% of an artificial turf can be reused and recycled, all while reducing the environmental footprint of today’s solutions by minimizing the use of heavy transport and reducing the overall cost for the turf owners. With the LOKI as enabler, our customers are able to offer local separation services, and reuse or repurpose the sand, rubber, fiber and backing in a large number of industries and markets.

NMC Termonova Oy

NMC Termonova Oy (est. 1979) located in Finland, is a subsidary of NMC Group based in Belgium, producing a range of XLPE foams for many applications in industries, construction and sports & leisture segments. For different sport applications, indoor and outdoor, PE-foam is converted to different products groups to fulfill a variety of application demands.

Radici Pietro Industries & Brands

The artificial grass Sit-in SPORT is born from the perfect synergy between the different industrial realities of a big textile group ( Miro Radici Family of Companies ), since years involved in the textile world. RADICI PIETRO INDUSTRIES & BRANDS follow always a quality policy, environmental awareness, use of alternative energy for the productions, as attested by ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certifications. The high production standards has led to certification of the artificial grass Sit-in SPORT by the most important sport federations, both Italian and foreign according to FIFA, LND, ITF, IRB rules.

Nowadays Sit-in SPORT offers a wide range of high quality products: for each sport the surface is studied and realized to guarantee the best performance. Sit-in SPORT invest significant resources to the research and the development of innovative surfaces for the sport world, both professional and amateur, in order to guarantee high reliability and performance for longtime.

Mondo S.p.A

Internationally renowned especially for the production of sports flooring, particularly athletics tracks and artificial turf, MONDO has been chosen ten consecutive times, from Montreal 1976 to London 2012, as Official Supplier of the Olympic Games. The MONDO & Sports Flooring division is the company’s core business and includes all activities related to athletics tracks, artificial sports turf, sports flooring for disciplines practiced in the arena, sports halls or gyms and other sports equipment, including electronic scoreboards, video screens and seating for large stadiums and indoor arenas. MONDO provides a true “turnkey package” that can completely furnish the building, be it a stadium, arena or just a gym. For all public and private organisations, sports clubs or associations that have the need to create a sports facility, this aspect is reflected in the benefit of having a single point of contact, with the MONDO brand to guarantee the highest quality.