Apetek SRL

The company from Bergamo APETEK specializes in the regeneration of post-industrial expanded polyolefin residues through a process that represents a “unique” for efficiency that contributes and adheres significantly to the environmental balance. We believe that “safety must always come first” in anything we do, so our goal is to offer the more suitable, ecofriendly, tested and certified products to the market as far as concerns shock pads and their application. All of our products are certified & tested according to the European norms, produced by the Green Circular Economy process, with respect to the fragility of our ecosystems & holding the certification ”REMADE IN ITALY” which ensures all the above. The sustainability of our product lines can prove that our world is a safe place for future generations.

Key People

Emanuele Locatelli
General Manager
0039 35 4942201
Angelika Grammatikoyianni
Head of Marketing
0030 694 030 2474

Apetek SRL

Corso Italia, m 19

24040 Osio Sopra (Bergamo)


Tel 003935 4942201