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All Sports Recycled have set out on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of worn-down artificial soccer turfs and to contribute to a more sustainable and circular life cycle together with the turf industry. The LOKI is the world’s first mobile separation solution, bringing sustainability and circular economy to the final phase of the life of an artificial soccer turf. With LOKI, up to 100% of an artificial turf can be reused and recycled, all while reducing the environmental footprint of today’s solutions by minimizing the use of heavy transport and reducing the overall cost for the turf owners. With the LOKI as enabler, our customers are able to offer local separation services, and reuse or repurpose the sand, rubber, fiber and backing in a large number of industries and markets.

Key People

Lars Solberg
Chairman of the Board
Oddbjorn Lindebekk
General Manager

All Sports Recycled

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