Tuff Group Holdings

Tuff Group Holding Pty Ltd is a leading synthetic sports surface company in Australia that specialises in the design, construction, installation, maintenance and recycling of sports facilities across the country.

Wireless Value

Wireless Value develops, produces and sells products with which measuring values of sensors can be transmitted wirelessly to places where further processing and monitoring can take place.  In that context, Wireless Value has developed wireless products for measuring sport & play surfaces since 2008.

Alomair Rubber Factory

ORF- Specialty chemicals producer based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The materials of the systems manufactured by ORF- factory are installed world-wide by its partners.

All ORF flooring systems are seamless and are installed by specialist in-situ installation. For sports surfaces we provide indoor & outdoor multipurpose sport surfaces which include athletics track & field facilities and tennis court etc.
As decorative surfaces we provide seamless terrazzo floors, (bio synthetic, bio polymers and cement)
The quality of ORF products and systems are monitored constantly, both by our in-house quality control laboratory where we also continuously control our raw materials and monitor the properties and quality of our finished products.
The high quality of ORF products is guaranteed by using only the finest raw materials, advanced high technology production methods and constant monitoring by laboratory technicians.
In house we have a fully equipped research and development laboratory.

DutchBlue World

DutchBlue is specialised in optimising water management in urban areas.  Using intelligent products and systems, based on the functioning of nature, DutchBlue is working globally on preparing cities for the future.

Intelligent Play

Intelligent Play uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide clients with real-time information and alerts allowing them to manage their sports fields in a ‘smart’ way.

Our innovative technology has been developed to make sports fields play better, safer and last longer by tracking usage and machine maintenance and assisting clients to implement efficient and effective field management and maintenance practices.

GreenMatter B.V.

GreenMatter or in other words: green matters! Artificial grass is often seen as waste when it is replaced, but GreenMatter see it as a valuable raw material to be processed into new sports related products with the aim to be 100% circular with each other. GreenMatter is a joint venture between Lankhorst Recycling Products and W&H Sports. Their goal is to deal with the waste mountain of artificial turf pitches by developing and producing products from recycled artificial turf. With their transparent and above all practical vision, they support municipalities in a circular approach by processing the artificial grass fibres into new products. In order to offer even more certainty they comply with ISO 9001: Quality certificate , ISO 14001: Environment certificate en OHSAS 18001: Safety certificate with the production of GreenMatter products. Their production has a reduced footprint and ensures a reduction in waste to be incinerated.

Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG

HAURATON based in Rastatt has been successful on the market for more than 60 years. With 20 branches worldwide and sales in more than 70 countries, HAURATON is one of the market leaders in the area of drainage and water management systems. HAURATON offers specialized drainage products for sports applications – from track and field, hockey and football to racetracks. The latest addition of the innovation leader is SPORTFIX CLEAN, a complete system to retain microplastics from artificial turf fields. The reference list includes international projects such as the Formula 1 race track in Sotchi and the Luschniki Stadium in Moscow for the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia.


True recycling

Re-Match offers the most cost-efficient and sustainable solution for recycling of worn-out turfs. Through a patented process the turf is downsized, cleaned and separated into rubber, grass fibre, sand and backing which can then return into a new production cycle. This process is ETV certified using ISO 14034 and customers receive documentation when their synthetic turf has been recycled.

The Re-Match solution ensures that 99% of the material can be upscaled/reused and it also presents lower cost of disposal than alternative (and polluting) disposal methods.