Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V.

Senbis is a Dutch company that divides its activities between R&D services and the production of sustainable polymeric products.

For artificial grass Senbis has developed a biodegradable high performance infill called GreenFill. The GreenFill is market ready and produced in a large scale process. In the Netherlands 3 fields have been realized with GreenFill in 2020. More info via:

Senbis is working with partners in the artificial grass industry on developing a fully compostable system. This includes a monofilament grass yarn and the primary and secondary backing. This way end-of-life problems are solved as the full system can be brought to a composting facility.

Key People

Gerard Nijhoving
Managing Director
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Annelieke de Haart
Operations Manager
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Tel: +31 591 308100

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