Alomair Rubber Factory

ORF- Specialty chemicals producer based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The materials of the systems manufactured by ORF- factory are installed world-wide by its partners.

All ORF flooring systems are seamless and are installed by specialist in-situ installation. For sports surfaces we provide indoor & outdoor multipurpose sport surfaces which include athletics track & field facilities and tennis court etc.
As decorative surfaces we provide seamless terrazzo floors, (bio synthetic, bio polymers and cement)
The quality of ORF products and systems are monitored constantly, both by our in-house quality control laboratory where we also continuously control our raw materials and monitor the properties and quality of our finished products.
The high quality of ORF products is guaranteed by using only the finest raw materials, advanced high technology production methods and constant monitoring by laboratory technicians.
In house we have a fully equipped research and development laboratory.

Key People

Sulieman Ahmed Al-Omair
General Manager
+966 11 2712595 ext 102

Farid Ibrahim Nassar
Marketing and Sales Specialist
+966 580 416 118

Abdullah ibn firyan street, badr square
PO Box 40049
Riyadh 11499
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 11 2712595

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