Motz Group

Founded in 1977 and serving the high-performance natural and synthetic turf markets, The Motz Group is one of the world’s most recognized and highly respected turf system specialists. An employee-owned company with over 45+ years in the industry, Motz proudly stands behind its products and services to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with its valued customer base. As the makers of Envirofill and Safeshell, two industry-leading synthetic turf infills, Motz provides resources that help meet your sustainability goals.

Sport and Play International

Sport and Play International is the unification of development, design, production, sales and supply by establishing integral strategic relationships between all partners of our group. The main idea is to break down the barriers between producers and customers. Therefore, we have created a platform for producers, sales partners and of course our own sales team. The goal of this platform is for everyone to profit from the ideas we develop as a team.

From product to solution and from solutions to total concepts
We believe that for every problem there is a solution. By thinking outside of the box, we are finding new areas of use for already existing products or develop innovative solutions. Whether you want to build a stadium or a park area, we offer everything you need. To complete the package we also offer services like designing, consultancy, installation and maintenance. In that sense all of our products and services can be seen as carefully selected puzzle pieces, which fit together perfectly, to ensure quality and to meet our customers needs.

As we are not the biggest, we have to maneuver around the market differently – smart! With our products and systems, such as Hydrofields, we offer groundbreaking solutions and concepts that are different. And through our network we have a unique position – we are fully aware of that. Efficiency and our personal touch are the key ingredients we provide to each of our partners, and we plan to stick to this philosophy.

Brock USA

Brock USA is a privately held US company that was founded in 1998 and is still under the original ownership. Brock specializes in sports surface safety. We have supplied shock pads for over 160 million sq. feet of turf in over 19 countries, and we are the leading supplier of shock pads in North America. All Brock products are made in the USA and protected under multiple US patents. Brock shock pads are supplied from our factory in Butler, PA. To date, BrockFILL (Launched in 2019) has been installed in over 27 million sq. feet of athletic fields across the USA.

Fitco Grass

Fitco Grass designs and manufactures top quality artificial grass yarns both for sport, hybrid and landscaping applications. Their long experience in extrusion of yarns as well as the state-of-the-art technology results in a wide variety of high quality artificial grass for all applications.

Fitco Grass can offer a wide range of monofilament artificial grass yarns: straight and texturized, mono, bi-and tri-color, wrapped or twisted.



All of Interturf’s artificial grass products are manufactured at their production facility in Tunisia, using world class materials.  The company’s goal is to be Nr 1 in Africa and to develop beneficial trading relations with nearby partners in Europe and the UK.

XL Turf Int.

XL Turf Int. is a leading company in the non-infill synthetic turf market for football.  The company has over 15 years of experience in developing and installing non-infill synthetic turf systems for sports fields.

Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Sports Grass has been a global artificial grass provider for over 30 years. A team of experts gives advice on making  the right choice for sports facilities: from the substructure, drainage, artificial grass, installation all the way up to maintenance. Domo Sports Grass specialises primarily in artificial grass for football, hockey, padel, tennis, rugby and multisports. All products meet the specific requirements to satisfy the demands and standards set by national and international sports associations and federations. The company brings sport systems onto the market where performance, athletes and the environment are in perfect balance. Domo® Sports Grass is constantly working on high-quality, eco-friendly artificial grass systems in order to minimise the environmental footprint as much as possible and therefore monitors the entire process: from the resin to the completion of the pitch and its processing at the end of its life cycle.

Safitex Turf

The company was founded in 1968 in Bergamo (IT) and is active in production of articles for the furniture textile market.
Over time, Safitex constantly tested and researched new products and markets and in 2002 faced a new challenge: synthetic grass.

This is how Safitex Turf was born, fully dedicated to the production of synthetic grass.  Since the start the company has paid particular attention to sustainability: in 2010 the ECONEXT technology was introduced to the market.
All products, both for the sports market and for landscape, are also offered in a 100% recyclable version thanks to the ECONEXT technology.

Colloids Ltd

Colloids Ltd is a leading global masterbatch producer specialising in the supply to the synthetic turf industry.

Colour & Performance Functionality
For high-performance artificial grass yarns used, Colloids produce precise colour to our customer specificatins with optimal weathering properties.

In addition to weather resistance, a PE, PP or PA based compound or yarn masterbatch can be made to order to include additional functional properties, such as thermal stabillity; lower friction; fire retardancy; antibacterial; mould and fungal resistance.

Long Term Quality Assurance
Colloids ensure optimal performance and reliability of its products through a strong in-house culture of innovation and continuous improvement quality management.

Colloids is accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and is a proud member of ESTC.

Standard Carpets

Standard Crpets is the largest producer and exporter of broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and artificial grass in the UAE.  They export from the Middle East to markets in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  Overall, the company exports to over 60 countries across 7 continents all over the globe.