XL Turf Int.

XL Turf Int. is a leading company in the non-infill synthetic turf market for football.  The company has over 15 years of experience in developing and installing non-infill synthetic turf systems for sports fields.

Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Sports Grass has been a global artificial grass provider for over 30 years. A team of experts gives advice on making  the right choice for sports facilities: from the substructure, drainage, artificial grass, installation all the way up to maintenance. Domo Sports Grass specialises primarily in artificial grass for football, hockey, padel, tennis, rugby and multisports. All products meet the specific requirements to satisfy the demands and standards set by national and international sports associations and federations. The company brings sport systems onto the market where performance, athletes and the environment are in perfect balance. Domo® Sports Grass is constantly working on high-quality, eco-friendly artificial grass systems in order to minimise the environmental footprint as much as possible and therefore monitors the entire process: from the resin to the completion of the pitch and its processing at the end of its life cycle.

Safitex Turf

The company was founded in 1968 in Bergamo (IT) and is active in production of articles for the furniture textile market.
Over time, Safitex constantly tested and researched new products and markets and in 2002 faced a new challenge: synthetic grass.

This is how Safitex Turf was born, fully dedicated to the production of synthetic grass.  Since the start the company has paid particular attention to sustainability: in 2010 the ECONEXT technology was introduced to the market.
All products, both for the sports market and for landscape, are also offered in a 100% recyclable version thanks to the ECONEXT technology.

Standard Carpets

Standard Crpets is the largest producer and exporter of broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and artificial grass in the UAE.  They export from the Middle East to markets in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  Overall, the company exports to over 60 countries across 7 continents all over the globe.

GOE-Production AS

GOE-Production AS is a production and technological driven company located in
Rogaland, the South-Western part of Norway. The company produces a newly
developed organic infill for artificial turf fields, which is based on an innovative spin-
off technology from the oil industry. The infill consists of wooden particles and is
100% biodegradable. GOE have currently installed one test-field in Sukkevann,
Kristiansand, Norway, which has passed the requirements for FIFA Quality Pro. New
fields filled with GOE BIOinfill are in development.

The company´s team is a mix of PhDs, automation and mechanical engineers,
production mechanics, economists and former amateur fotballers, who all work
closely together. GOEs main objective is to commercialize GOE BIOinfill and make
it fully available to the market. We want to contribute to more environmentally
friendly artificial turfs with high-level playing characteristics to a competitive price.


Matco nv Belgium offers a wide variety of solutions and products for textile, carpet, artificial turf, adhesive and chemistry industries. We manufacture, store and supply chemicals, adhesives and various compounds on demand and by order. We develop, create and produce customised chemicals, and manage both hazardous and non-hazardous waste products. All of this in accordance with the most severe environment, health and safety regulations.

Bulut Polyester Sentetik

In a short time span, Bulut Grass became the preferable grass yarn partner of the world’s leading artificial grass producers.

The input of our customers and continuous investments in people, R&D and the latest technology make that Bulut Grass can offer the full range of artificial grass yarns: fibrillated, monofilament, straight and texturized, PE and PP, bi- and tri-color, wrapped or twisted; for sport, multisports and landscape applications.

Bulut Grass is part of the family owned Bulut Group.

Renewable energy is provided to Bulut Grass through the Group’s solar electricity farm and two hydroelectric power plants.


Nurteks founded in 1972, produces synthetic grass and wall-to-wall carpets. Our primary priority is customer satisfaction which has proven this with quality standards, working understanding, and customer relations. Our goal is to maximize consumer and importer confidence in Turkish products in the international market, guarantees its customers that it can provide the right project with the right budget.
Nurteks produces in accordance with ISO 9001 International Quality System standards. It has managed to become the strongest company in Turkey with its production capacity, product variety, and technological superiority. In addition, produces accordance with ethical rules with quality working standards, Nurteks also has an international SEDEX certificate.
In 1983, Nurteks introduced artificial grass to Turkey and made the first synthetic grass football field in the country.
In 2000, with the establishment of the Çerkezköy Factory on an area of 6,000 m2, wall-to-wall carpet production started. In the following years, with Choromojet printing line, Nurteks has made great progress in carpet production with its unlimited color and pattern options in compliance with norms, high standards. It is one of the most important companies in the sector with the production of 5-star contract carpets, mosque carpets, runners, mat carpets since the day it started carpet production.
Since 2001, Nurteks produces FIFA Quality Standards and an official licensee of FIFA. In addition, Nurteks also produces FIH, WR, GAA, ITF certified/certified synthetic grass as a leader in the artificial turf sector in Turkey.
Nurteks, which has signed more than 400 FIFA certified professional football fields in many countries, has achieved a record that is difficult to reach in the artificial turf sector by selling 6 million m2 in 2019.
Today, Nurteks exports to more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa. Additionally, Nurteks is the market leader in Turkey, North Africa, and the Middle East and serves its customers with 12 main dealers in Turkey, a network of over 500 retailers, and distributorship and dealer sales channels in 60 countries.

Edel Grass

Edel Grass is a worldwide operating, innovative and leading company, creating artificial grass solutions for sports and landscaping purposes beyond borders.

Thanks to our experienced people, a rich history, extensive knowledge and qualified partners, we’ve earned our place in thinking, supplying, and building artificial grass projects all over the world.

Feelds BV

Feelds is a passionate producer of premium synthetic turf for leisure, landscaping and multisports.

The Feelds products are available through a network of professional landscapers, retailers and distributors across Europe, South America and the Middle East.