Prisma Colour Ltd

Established in 1991, Prisma Colour Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier in the rubber, thermoplastics, and surface coatings industries, specialising in custom colour and performance-enhancing additive masterbatch. With a global presence, our products are distributed in over 55 countries, produced across multiple sites in the UK, and made available through both direct and international partnerships. Our success is attributed to a commitment to quality, consistency, and exceptional customer service. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and customised solutions, including masterbatch, powder, and dispersion products, tailored to diverse application needs. Our expertise encompasses colour pigment dispersions, additive concentrates, and masterbatch solutions for various industrial applications. The Prisma Group’s proactive service, diverse product portfolio, and extensive global distribution network have earned us a reputable position within the industry.

Key People

Dominic Philpot
Managing Director
+44 1457 856505
Will Adam
Export Manager
+44 161 506 0902

Prisma Colour Ltd

The Thornsett Trading Estate

Birch Vale, High Peak

Derbyshire,SK22 1AH

United Kingdom

Tel +44 1457 856 505