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For nearly 40 years now, SOSSNA GMBH – SOSSNA Spinnerets(R) is the worldwide leading manufacturer of spinnerets. The product range covers all kinds of high-pressure, stainless-steel spinnerets for spinning monofilaments, multifilament and staple fibres from several polymers like PP, PA6, PA66 and PET, including bi-components, for producing textile-, industrial-, carpet (BCF) and special yarns. In addition to round capillaries, a large variety of profiled capillaries can be provided for spinning standard or micro dpf filaments. Another speciality are stainless steel and tantalum spinnerets for carbon fibres/filaments and aramids. Sossna GmbH was founded in 1985 as independent engineering company, specialized in chemical fiber industry. Therefore, both the manufacture of spinnerets as well as the the spinning process technology are mastered. Spinnerets and spin packs according samples or drawings can be supplied, and professional service for the development of new spinnerets or optimization of existing spinnerets and spin pack design is provided.

Key People

Susanne Sossna
Managing Director
+49(0) 236299371-0
Horst Keser
Sales Manager
+49(0) 7761-5594477

Sossna GmbH

Fürst-Leopold-Allee 96

46284 Dorsten



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