Limonta Sport obtains certification for 100% natural infill

Limonta Sport obtained the OK BIOBASE and OK BIODEGRADABLE certification from the TÜV Austria Institute for their GEO, a 100% natural performance infill.  Andrea Marcassoli, R&D Manager explains : “A certification based on European standards EN13432 and EN14995 relating to compostability confirms that GEO is 100% biodegradable in the soil, and EN16640 on which the […]

Superior Limonta Sport rugby field for Asd Pesaro Rugby

Asd Pesaro Rugby was founded in 1969 thanks to Tonino Uguccioni, the quintessential President who in 2007 was awarded the “Golden Oval” (Ovale d’oro) by the Italian Rugby Federation, an accolade reserved for those individuals who work to develop rugby. The club, currently in the Second Division, played in the top Championship Division for the […]

3 different shapes, 3 different colours for an extremely natural look

TriShape is a product which aims to replicate the playing condition of top natural turf professional venues at the highest level. A combination of three different filament shapes, TRI SHAPE provides optimal visual effect, superior playability and enhanced durability due to special XQ polymer technology of its fibres. The two full corrugated shaped filaments have been combined […]

HeroShape: Game performance always at the top

Even though the lockdown saw us locked in  our home, Limonta Sport R&D never stopped developing.  First,  they introduced us to TriShape, the turf with 3 colours and 3 shapes of filament which has a 100% natural look. Now  they are ready to present HeroShape to the market, which, thanks to a revolutionary filament geometry, guarantees very high resistance and excellent visual coverage of the […]

Limonta Sport installs 4 Duo Shape artificial grass pitches for three major sites!

Limonta Sport has installed 4 Duo Shape artificial grass pitches for three major sites. Colombia – Soccer pitch in the Training Center of the Colombian Soccer Team in Barranquilla. A Duo Shape 60 + SBR pitch that will be used by all the national teams, from the under-15 to the professionals. Peru – Estadio Olímpico […]

Limonta Sport Installs Soccer Pitch With 100% Organic Infill

Limonta Sport has recently installed a soccer pitch at Villa Deportiva Ulima, Universidad de Lima, one of the most prestigious universities in Peru. For this project, Max S 60 + Geo Plus (a 100% organic infill system) has been installed. This is the first FIFA approved in the whole of Latin-American for any artificial grass producer. […]