GrassKnowledge Consulting

GrassKnowledge Consulting has over two decades of experience in artificial grass yarn technology. By focussing on innovation and sharing know-how, we help our clients, and partners, creating competitive advantage.

Intelligent Play

Intelligent Play uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide clients with real-time information and alerts allowing them to manage their sports fields in a ‘smart’ way.

Our innovative technology has been developed to make sports fields play better, safer and last longer by tracking usage and machine maintenance and assisting clients to implement efficient and effective field management and maintenance practices.

Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V.

Senbis is a Dutch company that divides its activities between R&D services and the development of sustainable polymeric products.

For artificial grass Senbis has developed the biodegradable high-performance infill called GreenFill and the biodegradable turf called GreenBlade. GreenFill is commercially available, whereas GreenBlade is ready for industrial scaling up. More info via: