Prisma Colour Ltd

Established in 1991, Prisma Colour Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier in the rubber, thermoplastics, and surface coatings industries, specialising in custom colour and performance-enhancing additive masterbatch. With a global presence, our products are distributed in over 55 countries, produced across multiple sites in the UK, and made available through both direct and international partnerships. Our success is attributed to a commitment to quality, consistency, and exceptional customer service. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and customised solutions, including masterbatch, powder, and dispersion products, tailored to diverse application needs. Our expertise encompasses colour pigment dispersions, additive concentrates, and masterbatch solutions for various industrial applications. The Prisma Group’s proactive service, diverse product portfolio, and extensive global distribution network have earned us a reputable position within the industry.

Notts Sport Ltd

We are the leading specialist in the design, advice and supply of synthetic surfacing systems for sport, play and leisure.
The company has over 37 years’ experience in providing artificial turf for cricket, hockey, rugby and football as well as children’s play and multi-use games areas.
Committed to providing effective and innovative design solutions, Notts Sport has built up an impressive client portfolio, working with local authorities, schools, clubs and national and regional sports bodies.


Yardex has over twenty years of experience in the artificial grass market. 

Our first-class service has been recognized by some of the biggest names in sports, including many notable sports clubs, schools, universities, and international organizations. This led us to recently open the most sophisticated synthetic turf production facilities, enabling us to expand our company further.

With proven expertise, passion, and the most advanced manufacturing machinery, we provide top-quality artificial turf tailored to the specific requirements of our business partners and customers in the sports and leisure industries.

Sports, landscape, and graphics design synthetic turf products.

In our custom-built facilities, we oversee every aspect of manufacturing our artificial grass, right from design to careful selection of materials, all the way through to the production of the final product. We make sure that our turf meets international standards and passes rigorous quality checks. This approach ensures that the artificial grass we offer meets the highest benchmarks of performance, longevity, and robustness.

Reliable partner in every venture.

We want our partners to grow their businesses by benefiting from flexible solutions, such as customized products and short delivery timeframes. Whether it’s supplying artificial turf for a sports facility or field construction project, leisure or landscape grass for a distribution center, retail network, or end customer, we are here to help.

Imajica Consulting

Imajia Consulting is a consultancy service which specalises in grass extrusion and innovation.
Imajica Consulting has been created out of true passion for all things synthetic turf and is founded on the importance of innovation.Our company mission is to improve the synthetic turf industry surface by suface while working towards a sustainable future. Through this we can work together to deliver your goals.
Based in Scotland but offering a global service to yarn producers, tufters, industry groups, raw material, equipment suppliers and end users, Imajica Consulting can help your business flourish in the synthetic turf industry. Whether you’ve been in the industry a long time or just starting out we can provide practical support and advice at any stage of the process.

Colloids Ltd

Colloids Ltd is a leading global masterbatch producer specialising in the supply to the synthetic turf industry.

Colour & Performance Functionality
For high-performance artificial grass yarns used, Colloids produce precise colour to our customer specificatins with optimal weathering properties.

In addition to weather resistance, a PE, PP or PA based compound or yarn masterbatch can be made to order to include additional functional properties, such as thermal stabillity; lower friction; fire retardancy; antibacterial; mould and fungal resistance.

Long Term Quality Assurance
Colloids ensure optimal performance and reliability of its products through a strong in-house culture of innovation and continuous improvement quality management.

Colloids is accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and is a proud member of ESTC.

Intelligent Play

Intelligent Play uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide clients with real-time information and alerts allowing them to manage their sports fields in a ‘smart’ way.

Our innovative technology has been developed to make sports fields play better, safer and last longer by tracking usage and machine maintenance and assisting clients to implement efficient and effective field management and maintenance practices.

NMC Termonova Oy

NMC Termonova Oy (est. 1979) located in Finland, is a subsidary of NMC Group based in Belgium, producing a range of XLPE foams for many applications in industries, construction and sports & leisture segments. For different sport applications, indoor and outdoor, PE-foam is converted to different products groups to fulfill a variety of application demands.

Sports Labs Ltd

Sports Labs are the leading international experts in sports surface testing and its development. Our expertise spans field, track and court testing for the stadiums of the elite professional clubs to local authorities facilities and private community facilities. We also operate a consultancy practice that specialises in the design, procurement, tendering and project management of new or refurbished sports facilities such as artificial pitches and athletics tracks.

Based in Livingston, Scotland with offices strategically located around the world, our global field testing operations regularly test in excess of 600 fields, tracks and courts per year for a wide client base. Sports Labs work with Major Sport’s governing bodies such as FIFA, World Rugby, FIH and IAAF to private clients.

Evergreens UK Ltd

In business for over 35 years, the Evergreens UK Group are credited with pioneering the development of artificial turf for landscaping, roofing and event applications in the UK and have established themselves as a major distributor, supplier and installer through its various trading divisions and brands including LazyLawn and and EverRoof.

Evergreens UK is a company built on the dedication of its team to deliver top quality synthetic grass products and an exceptional level of service, support and installation expertise.

Evergreens UK strive to develop innovative products to the market place and have completed thousands of projects for worldwide companies, individual clients and prestigious events across Europe for residential, commercial, play and promotional applications.

Evergreens UK add value to their surfacing by making unique grass projects with their in-house state of the art CAD cutting technology, enabling them to produce logos and designs to any size in any grass surface.