Sports and Play Construction Association

The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) is the UK trade organisation, responsible for setting and regulating standards across the sports and play construction industry.

Our goal is to ensure that every facility project:
• meets the customer’s needs and expectations;
• is designed, built and maintained to last;
• delivers excellent value for money; and
• creates the right environment to inspire an active nation.

We do this by helping people to identify the right products, services and specialist companies for a wide range of sports and play projects, from grassroots facilities at clubs, parks and schools, through to elite venues and stadia.

As a membership organisation we promote businesses across the industry that have been independently vetted and have met SAPCA’s stringent membership requirements. Choosing companies that have earned the SAPCA Member badge provides the reassurance that projects will be delivered to the right standards by specialists who have:

• expert knowledge and understanding of industry best practice;
• experience and a proven track record;
• met SAPCA’s requirements for financial stability; and
• integrity and great customer service.

Key People

Richard Shaw
Chief Executive
Colin Corline
Project Manager

Sports and Play Construction Association

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United Kingdom