All Sports Recycled

All Sports Recycled have set out on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of worn-down artificial soccer turfs and to contribute to a more sustainable and circular life cycle together with the turf industry. The LOKI is the world’s first mobile separation solution, bringing sustainability and circular economy to the final phase of the life of an artificial soccer turf. With LOKI, up to 100% of an artificial turf can be reused and recycled, all while reducing the environmental footprint of today’s solutions by minimizing the use of heavy transport and reducing the overall cost for the turf owners. With the LOKI as enabler, our customers are able to offer local separation services, and reuse or repurpose the sand, rubber, fiber and backing in a large number of industries and markets.

GBN Artificial Grass Recycling

In various countries in Europe and elsewhere, there is an urgent demand for clean, safe and circular recycling of artificial grass as it reaches the end of its lifespan. GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR) now presents a solution by recycling the annual supply of end-of-life artificial grass into new, high-quality, circular raw materials. GBN AGR opened its first innovative circular recycling plant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This solution is fully sustainable, both economically and in terms of environmental impact. This recycling process boasts a unique innovation certificate from the KIWA Institute. As a result, GBN AGR can guarantee, and has set the benchmark for, circular recycling and a consistent supply of high-quality, circular raw materials.

Envos s.r.o

Envos is active mainly in sport pitch construction, with either natural grass or synthetic turf surface. We offer turnkey projects or partial supplies of sport constructions of various usages from recreational sport or professional level. Including irrigation systems, pitch heating and various drainage constructions. Natural grass is either seeded directly on the pitch or delivered in rolled sods from our plantation. We have all machinery available in house for the sub-base constructions, surface levelling and installation works for natural grass and synthetic turf. We can prepare complete project documentation as well as the construction works or supervising including advisory support. The experience and knowledge within Envos, positions our company among the leaders in this segment on the European market. Another direction of our activities is road construction, where we specialize in reconstruction or new constructions of transportation constructions including underground utilities. We also offer engineering supervising and advice.