Limonta Sport obtains certification for 100% natural infill

Limonta Sport obtained the OK BIOBASE and OK BIODEGRADABLE certification from the TÜV Austria Institute for their GEO, a 100% natural performance infill.  Andrea Marcassoli, R&D Manager explains : “A certification based on European standards EN13432 and EN14995 relating to compostability confirms that GEO is 100% biodegradable in the soil, and EN16640 on which the tests were based, gives GEO the 4-star BIOBASED label, which is the maximum rating, as it is made up of 100% renewable raw materials. ”

Revolutionary and cutting edge, GEO consists exclusively of a mixture of organic plant material, derived from defibration of woody plants, that have been carefully chosen and processed with an innovative process. The result is a 100% natural and biodegradable infill because it is free from foreign materials, which ensures maximum performance and unparalleled athlete safety.  The organic material used is essential for playability as it gives the pitch biomechanical features that allow players to make fluid and natural changes in direction.  Geo adds to the technical advantages provided by Limonta Sport’s artificial turf, the comfort of natural grass, making it an ideal product for a pitch that maintains excellent performance, safety and endurance parameters over time so the athletes can focus on the game without adjusting their style.

That’s the reason why, since its introduction on the market in 2000, with over 500 installations, GEO has been selected by clubs like AC Milan, FC Internazionale, Athletic Bilbao, Spartak Moscow, Rubin Kazan, Astana Arena, Galatasaray and Worcester Warriors.

GBN AGR officially certified to recycle end-of-use synthetic turf

GBN AGR has received the first unique certificate for the recycling process of End of Life artificial grass  from Kiwa.

The certification process is conducted by quality assurance institute Kiwa. Kiwa is an autonomous global organization in Testing, Inspection and Certification. Kiwa is strictly independent and not involved in manufacturing, trading or other activities that might endanger the impartiality. Jan Klapwijk, Unit Manager at Kiwa, explains: “The certification is brand new, as the plant of GBN-AGR is the first synthetic turf recycling plant in the Netherlands. In the absence of any other synthetic turf recycler operating in the Netherlands, we had to define a new way to certify recyclers of synthetic turf. Therefore, we opted to write down all commitments GBN-AGR makes and the processes they promise they will follow. Compliance will be established twice a year.”

With operations having commenced earlier this year, certifying that GBN-AGR works according to defined processes and adheres to all steps defined is a vital step in the quality assurance process. “It is important that we are transparent and that our clients know upfront how their old synthetic turf will be processed, as well as them receiving confirmation the old turf has been processed the way it was intended,” says Director Eric van Roekel. “We are able to prove how many old synthetic turf fields we have accepted for processing, that they have been processed, and how much raw material we collected at the end of the process.”

The certificate that GBN AGR received guarantees the circular processing of End of Life artificial grass by GBN AGR. It also certifies the high-quality circular raw materials that are produced, such as SBR Rubber granulate, TPE Rubber and Infill sand.

GBN AGR offers full guarantee, transparency and sets the benchmark for circular processing and a consistent supply of high quality, circular raw materials.

A circular economy….. it’s necassary, it’s possible and GBN AGR does it!

Sports and Leisure Group nominated for 2020 Export Lion Award

Sports & Leisure Group (Domo Sports Grass) is honoured and excited to be nominated for the prestigious Leeuw van de Export award. Flanders Investment & Trade – FIT awards this prize to Flemish companies with outstanding export results.

We are proud to receive this nomination, just as we are proud of our export performance year after year. Today, Sports & Leisure Group is about:

  • Generating 130.680.538,00 euros in revenue (2019)
  • Employing more than 300 full-time equivalents
  • Exporting to 95 countries: nearby to our neighbours in The Netherlands (24,76 million euros of revenue) going all the way to China (2,97 million euros) or Morocco (4,23 million euros), and so on…

The 23rd of September the winner will be announced. Will we take the award home? Fingers crossed!

Superior Limonta Sport rugby field for Asd Pesaro Rugby

Asd Pesaro Rugby was founded in 1969 thanks to Tonino Uguccioni, the quintessential President who in 2007 was awarded the “Golden Oval” (Ovale d’oro) by the Italian Rugby Federation, an accolade reserved for those individuals who work to develop rugby. The club, currently in the Second Division, played in the top Championship Division for the first time in its history in the 2016-17 season.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, a pitch in synthetic turf was installed alongside the natural turf pitch. “The club deserved this development: 50 years of glorious history constructed from hard work, our land, and friendship. In addition to growing the club, the structures also had to be improved. It was an important operation” – The words of the Mayor during the inauguration in November 2019. The result of an undertaking by the Municipality, owner of the grounds, which obtained 950,000 euro funding from CIPE (Interdepartmental Committee for Economic Planning, from the Development and Cohesion Fund 2007–2013) as an investment within the framework of the candidature for “European city of sport”, the operation was for the installation of a training pitch in synthetic turf, an addition to the natural turf pitch used by the first team.


For the new rugby pitch in synthetic turf, measuring 107 x 67 metres, with a 7-metre try zone, the customer chose an innovative turf solution. TriShape turf consists of a special fibre with a
characteristic structure comprising three sections that are combined and bonded, not twisted, with a diamond-shaped central reinforcement. The unique three-section structure, the textured surface and the special polyethylene polymer guarantee durability and excellent playing comfort. GEOLASTIC, the ecological, eco-compatible performance infill, consists of a blend of plant-based organic materials produced by defibering parts of trees, with a percentage of enhanced brown-colour encapsulated elastomeric granules derived from the mechanical shredding of worn-out tyres.

The system is completed by a performance underlay in closed-cell expanded polyethylene, 23 mm thick, designed to provide very high levels of performance, and surface drainage by means of specially-gouged channels.

Risk minimization by irradiation to ultraviolet light

Recreational Systems International can confirm that its Rhenac Sports LED UV-C 600 technology is effective in disinfecting lawns.

The mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector has been used for years to prevent the development of algae, fungi and other lawn diseases on sports turf. The system is working with UVC light, which is fundamentally suitable for combating viruses and bacteria and has similarly been used successfully for a long time for disinfecting surfaces and objects in hospitals. UVC light in the spectral range from 100 to 280 nm is the short-wave range of ultraviolet light. By irradiation with this very high-energy light, a photochemical reaction is triggered, which can contribute to the targeted damage or killing of microorganisms.

The RHENAC UVC lawn disinfector is moved across the sports surface using a lawn tractor. “Since the effectiveness of UVC light when deactivating microorganisms depends on the dosage, the light intensity and the light spectrum must be set according to our specifications when treating the lawn”, says Arnoud Fiolet from RHENAC GreenTec AG. With the RHENAC system, natural grass, hybrid and artificial grass pitches can be treated without affecting the quality of the lawn. “Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that UVC light can also be used to combat viruses. The treatment of the sports surfaces by our system thus contributes significantly to minimizing risk, ”says Fiolet.

ProGame XC Series Shock Pad patented

ProGame XC Series shock pad provides a unique patented solution for sports pitch systems.

ProGame XC shock pads have achieved full patent protection of the product and process in manufacturing. The full patent status for the XC Series recognises the unique features and performance of the XC Series shock pad product in artificial pitch systems.

Shock pads are an integral part of a modern artificial sports pitch system. The unique performance features of the XC Series shock pads provide benefits for both the construction and the lifespan of artificial sports pitches.

ProGame has been an integral shock pad partner in the installation of more than 1,000 sports pitches over the last 15 years in over fifty countries worldwide.

The key benefit of using the patented ProGame XC shock pad in pitch systems is the extremely high dimensional stability of the XC Series despite temperature changes during the day. The XC Series’ unique cut pattern also provides a very flexible shock pad to install and is highly appreciated for its unique dimensional stability in any physical environment.

When used as part of an approved pitch system, the patented XC Series shock pad has a warranty of up to 24 years; that’s twice the current lifespan of the top layer carpet. This extended warranty on the lifespan also significantly reduces the costs and the environmental impact of replacing artificial pitch systems.

ProGame conducts product testing at the highest level, both internally and externally. Systems incorporating the XC Series shock pads are approved by FIFA (Quality and Quality Pro standard), World Rugby and FIH (Global, National and Multi-sports categories). Using these systems helps ensure that pitches fulfil highest quality standards, allowing them to be certified by international sports federations.

“I am delighted that we have were granted this patent for our XC Series shock pad. It provides our channel partners and customers with an outstanding shock pad solution, and I would like to thank the whole team who has made this happen.”
Luca Girelli – ProGame Business Unit Manager

The importance of shock pads and safety standards in artificial sports surfaces for protecting athletes at every level of use has never been higher. ProGame is a global leader in the manufacture of shock pads for artificial pitch systems. With 3 factories producing ProGame shock pads, the brand is highly recognised for both its outstanding quality and industry leading delivery lead-times by its partners and end customer.

Trocellen, ProGame’s parent company, is a highly innovative company, which continuously makes investments to incorporate the latest technological advances in the development of its brands.. The patent (no. EP07821579) on XC Series shock pad is the result of 14 years of research. The XC series sets new standards for the quality of shock pads within the industry and will be available to all companies for installation in 2020.


3 different shapes, 3 different colours for an extremely natural look

TriShape is a product which aims to replicate the playing condition of top natural turf
professional venues at the highest level.

A combination of three different filament shapes, TRI SHAPE provides optimal visual
effect, superior playability and enhanced durability due to special XQ polymer technology
of its fibres.

The two full corrugated shaped filaments have been combined with the high performing
double S filament, creating a unique mix of balanced properties and providing the resulting
system with incredible fibre durability, top level resilience and finally a look that can match
natural football venues for pro-clubs.

The thick sections and the spines alongside the fibers guarantee top long-run resilience, a
constant return of the yarn after each step into the vertical position that translates
in optimal ball roll/speed and high playability of the football turf.

The TRI SHAPE and its three distinct fibres were developed to improve the ability of the
turf to hold the infill inside, consistently reducing the infill splash effecttypical of traditional
football turf systems.

The colour combination/light refraction of TRI SHAPE has been studied by our R&D
department with the only goal being to replicate natural grass aesthetics and be realistic at
the point that the pitch look is at its best while playing on it, while checking it from the
stands and even while enjoying the game on TV live broadcast.

The TriShape is approved according to international protocols FIFA, WR, NORDIC,
GAA, EN 15330, EN 71-3, EN 13501-1, EN 71-3, DIN 18035.

Building for tomorrow. FieldTurf’s commitment to sustainability

FieldTurf’s promise to keep players safe on turf has evolved into an obsession — one with a singular focus to completely eliminate potential to harm not just people, but the environment too. FieldTurf strives for the lowest impact on people and the planet — from Cradle to Cradle™ manufacturing, to circular design, to the utmost care for those who play on and handle FieldTurf products.

When it comes to waste, FieldTurf’s mission is simple: create a future where no products ever make it to a landfill. Getting there isn’t just a journey; it’s a quest. It’s why FieldTurf has devoted research and development efforts to tackle the complexity required to recycle old turf. It’s also why FieldTurf repurposes key materials from end-of-life installations to create the advanced components of future products. With such initiatives, FieldTurf continues to be at the forefront of developing technology to expand end-of-life turf applications — transforming would-be waste and dispersed materials into useful new products with renewed value. As a result, FieldTurf has developed a value-added EuCertPlast recycling process for artificial turf, named ProMax R (standing for Recycled EOL).

EuCertPlast is a European certification program for the recycling of plastic waste. FieldTurf, through the plant MET (Morton ExtrusionsTeknik), is the first company that has been certified by EuCertPlast for the recycling of post-consumer artificial turf. With this certification it is guaranteed that the plastic waste from old artificial turf is re-used in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. EuCertPlast sets great value upon the traceability of the recycling process. By this certification it is guaranteed:

  • That the material from old artificial turf is not disposed on a landfill or incinerated, but recycled.
  • That there are defined incoming controls for the incoming old artificial turf material and quality controls for the resulting recycling product.
  • That every step during the recycling process is documented including a mass balance.

When contracted with our certified regional partners to remove our clients old artificial turf fields, we can, in turn recycle the artificial turf into ProMax R, certified by Eu CertPlast. As part of this program, our customers receive a certificate that the amount of removed old artificial turf has been recycled including product name and lot number of the new product. The share of the recycled material in the new product amounts to at least 15 weight percent.

FieldTurf continues to work hard to develop other applications for EOL turf both for sports fields and for other industrial products.

Genan proactively leads the way to stop rubber infill from spreading from pitches

As a responsible manufacturer of high-performance ELT infill, continuously striving for a sustainable future, Genan has made a short, informative video explaining how we can all contribute to keeping granules on the pitch. Even simple measures make a huge difference, and we can all do something!

This inspirational, new video can be watched at the Genan website, where stakeholders at all levels may also download Genan’s 3 simple guides to the installation and maintenance of – as well as behaviour around – artificial turf pitches.

“In terms of performance and natural ball behaviour, ELT granulate is unarguably the number one infill solution,” says Group CEO at Genan, Poul Steen Rasmussen. “And keeping granules on the pitch is indeed both possible and doable, if pitches are constructed and maintained in the right way. Users must act responsibly and follow simple brush-off routines before they leave the pitch.”

For the sake of the environment – and to keep the need for granulate refill at a minimum – artificial turf pitches should be both constructed and maintained in a way to ensure that rubber granules stay on the pitch.

Genan welcomes all initiatives to protect the environment, and on the Genan website and YouTube channel, you can also find a short film (subtitled in different languages) about a recent Swedish research project, where different stakeholders joined forces to construct a reference pitch (Bergaviks IP). At this pitch, made as a closed system with preventive measures, filters etc., the loss of microplastics to the aquatic environment was successfully reduced to as little as 100 grams a year – of which only approximately 1 gram was rubber granulate!

“The recycling of end-of-life tyres helps solving a huge, global waste problem. Worn-down tyres are turned into a valuable resource with exceptional product properties – and vast amounts of CO2 are saved,” says Poul Steen Rasmussen. “But we must take sustainability even further and ensure that infill material then stays on the pitch. It really isn’t that difficult…”

With adequate containment measures and responsible behaviour, we can all help take good care of our artificial turf pitches – and their surroundings. For the benefit of public health – and the environment that we all share.

HeroShape: Game performance always at the top

Even though the lockdown saw us locked in  our home, Limonta Sport R&D never stopped developing.  First,  they introduced us to TriShape, the turf with 3 colours and 3 shapes of filament which has a 100% natural look.

Now  they are ready to present HeroShape to the market, which, thanks to a revolutionary filament geometry, guarantees very high resistance and excellent visual coverage of the playing field.

The HeroShape has been created to meet the needs of the professional player.

It combines wear resistance with resilience, ensuring constant game performance over time.

The HeroShape has been tested by accredited institutes according to the latest FIFA and WR requirements, successfully passing any durability and performance tests required by international standards.

The HeroShape is in fact approved according to international protocols FIFA, WR, NORDIC, GAA, EN 15330, EN 71-3, EN 13501-1, EN 71-3, DIN 18035.


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