RadiciGroup takes the field with the Italian National Football Team: new high-performance artificial grass turf at the Coverciano football technical centre

The innovative made-in-Italy synthetic turf, manufactured with Tessiture Pietro Radici’s Radigreen® yarn, will give the Azzurri footballers excellent performance in all playing conditions.

Tessiture Pietro Radici, the ancestral RadiciGroup company, is the producer of the polyethylene yarn used to manufacture the synthetic turf covering a new eleven-a-side football pitch, inaugurated on Tuesday, 8 September, at the Italian Football Federation’s (FIGC) Federal Technical Centre (CTF) in Coverciano, with a friendly match between the staff of the Federation and some journalists of the sports press. The installation was carried out following the FIGC technical sector’s decision to upgrade one of the CTF football pitches with artificial grass in order to ensure an ideal playable surface in any playing conditions.

The new synthetic turf was manufactured with Radigreen® MFL PE S-CORE yarn: monofilament yarn made of high-performance polymers, delivering high wear resistance, split resistance and playing field uniformity over time. The turf and the whole system were designed and produced by Sofisport, an Italian company specializing in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of artificial grass fields produced with the most up-to-date technologies.

Artificial grass carpet made with Radigreen® MFL PE S-CORE is an invitation to play: it has the look of natural grass at its best, without the high maintenance cost of natural grass. Moreover, the two-colour versions allow manufacturers to successfully reproduce the various green tonalities of natural grass blades, thus making the synthetic turf even more pleasing to the eye.

Radigreen® MFL PE S-CORE is soft and pleasant to the touch like natural grass. Soft, but resistant – it will not cause skin abrasion, yet ensures excellent resilience. Still another advantage of the product is that it retains its characteristics over time. Indeed, before being placed on the market, the product has to pass rigorous tests of resistance to UV rays, weathering, and wear and tear over long periods of time.

With its 75-year history, Tessiture Pietro Radici (TPR) and its 130 employees guarantee competence and reliability in the production of Radigreen® artificial grass yarn for synthetic turf. The TPR production unit is based in Gandino (Bergamo, Italy), alongside its research and development department that supports production by ensuring continual innovation and retention of Radigreen®’s excellent characteristics and sustainability over time.

The realization of the new artificial grass football pitch in Coverciano was a great opportunity to show how an all Italian production chain – from yarn producer to synthetic turf maker – can guarantee efficiency, innovation and product environmental sustainability. A combination of key features that takes on an even greater meaning, since the end product – 100% made in Italy – is a playing field for the Italian national football team.

As always, TPR’s know-how and responsiveness to the needs of a continually evolving market (such as artificial grass) has enabled the firm to meld the high technical performance and playing comfort demanded by its customers into a specific product: Radigreen® MFL PE S-CORE. The yarn delivers exceptional performance in terms of resilience, its capacity to spring back to an upright position after being stepped on. Consequently, ball roll and biomechanical tests show excellent results over time. These characteristics are of the utmost importance for all pitches where the Italian national football team does its training.

I Maestri del Paesaggio

Curtain going up on “I Maestri del Paesaggio”: Radigreen® yarn among the main players at the event

Time to “Think wild, live green”. Starting 7 September, the limelight is on I Maestri del Paesaggio [Masters of the Landscape], an international event organized by the Arketipos Association and the Municipality of Bergamo. For nineteen days, Bergamo’s Città Alta [Upper Town] is going to be the splendid backdrop for the event, which features some of the top names in international landscape design and their most intriguing works. RadiciGroup’s  iRadigreen® synthetic grass yarn is also playing a lead role in this showcase of Italian excellence and creativity.

As in previous years, I Maestri del Paesaggio is transforming Bergamo into a special international observatory where spectators can view the landscape in its many facets: reflections, provocations and revelations. From 7 to 25 September, the highly topical issue of modern man’s need to connect with nature and make it part of his daily life is going to be the focus of intense thought by some of the most authoritative green architects, garden designers, historians and photographers. Nineteen days of intense cultural excitement, with a packed programme of events and themes: Green Square, Educational, Green Design, Green Fashion, Green Food, Green Show, Kids, Green Tour, music, photography contests, installations and many land-art itineraries. The 2016 installations erected in in Piazza Vecchia and Piazza Mascheroni are based on the creative ideas of sixteen students from Summer School 2015 directed by Stefan Tischer, a German landscape architect of international repute. Tischer and Annacaterina Piras – internationally renowned landscape designer, architect and co-founder with Tischer of the LandWorks-Sardinia international research programme – have, for the occasion, transformed the splendid Città Alta into a stage for nature and beauty. Lucia Nusiner, landscape designer, and Maurizio Quargnale, lighting designer, have made their contribution to the vegetation design and lighting, respectively, of all of Tischer and Piras’ installations.

RadiciGroup products are present in one of these wild installations, namely the one transforming Piazza Mascheroni into a wild game and adventure park, a tiny wild world covered with a living willow dome and a network of lianas, vegetation and suggestive lights. The square is carpeted with synthetic turf made of RadiciGroup’s MY RADIGREEN® yarn and manufactured by the Italian company SIT-IN SPORT, a leading producer of artificial grass turf.MY RADIGREEN®: a line of exclusive “All In One” combinations of straight and textured monofilaments, which is the hallmark of maximum creativity, innovation, production flexibility, customization and safety. MY RADIGREEN® is the ideal choice for the manufacture of long-lasting turf with excellent appearance that can make the most of public and private green spaces, opening up possibilities for unexpected uses and making outside areas more liveable – all the while allowing for maximum design creativity.
RadiciGroup’s primary “sustainability objectives” include: to measure the environmental impact of its products in a rigorous manner and to provide customers and stakeholders with information based on scientific, verified and comparable data. In order to achieve this objective, the Group has adopted a variety of measurement tools, one of which is the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of its products. The PEF is also being introduced for Radigreen® polyethylene yarn. Shortly, RadiciGroup will be able to provide its stakeholders with all the data on the actual environmental impact of its yarns. This information will be of fundamental importance to its customers – particularly artificial grass manufacturers – who will be able to calculate the environmental footprint of their own products. 

PRODUCT ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT (PEF) – The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology was officially adopted in the European Union by the European Commission through Commission Recommendation 2013/179/EU. PEF is a set of common methods to measure, assess, validate (by a third-party) and communicate to stakeholders the life cycle environmental performance of products and services. The European Commission’s approach is based on the principle that a product’s footprint must be measured taking into account all the environmental aspects on which the product can have an impact during its entire life cycle – from the extraction of raw materials and use of natural resources for production to the end of the
product’s useful life and final waste management.


Radigreen® yarn on exhibit at I Maestri del Paesaggio: event presentation in Milan

A “Green Revolution” from 7 to 25 September in Bergamo: the exhibition I Maestri del Paesaggio was presented at a press conference held at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan on Thursday, 9 June. Again this year, the international event will take place in the splendid setting of Bergamo’s Città Alta [Upper Town] and will feature the most authoritative names in landscaping: landscape architects, garden designers, historians and photographers. A showcase of Italian excellence and creativity, in which RadiciGroup and its Radigreen® yarn will also be taking part.

The culture of the landscape will again be the leading player in Bergamo at the sixth edition of I Maestri del Paesaggio [Masters of the Landscape], an event hosting the most important international landscape artists, as in previous years, and organized by the Arketipos association and the Municipality di Bergamo. Nineteen days of nature and beauty that will transform Bergamo’s Upper Town into an open-air garden featuring “Wild Landscape” as its main theme.

The idea was developed by Stefan Tischer, a German landscape architect, whose projects in Germany, Italy, France and Canada propose new conceptual approaches, a contemporary interpretation of traditional landscape architecture and its transition towards urban studies, architecture and the arts. (In 2003 Tischer received the Prix Belmont, a prestigious award for landscape architecture and urban design, from the Forberg-Schneider Foundation).

The “Wild Landscape” theme and its various aspects will be the focus of workshops, seminars, performances, land-art trails and cultural events: all with the purpose of increasing awareness of the landscape and the delicate relationship between humans and nature.

I Maestri del Paesaggio has been growing year by year – according to Claudia Terzi, councillor for the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development of the Region of Lombardy, who spoke during the presentation press conference ­– and not only in terms of visitors (there were over 250,000 registered attendees last year). The quality of the activities and the renown of the exhibitors and speakers, including international names in the field of landscaping, have been increasing, as well. The annual show has helped make Bergamo the point of reference and European hub of creativity for landscape design.

And RadiciGroup, one of the event sponsors, will also participate by contributing one of its products: RADIGREEN® polyolefin and polyamide synthetic turf yarn manufactured by Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA, a Group company celebrating 75 years in business this year.

Like every year, Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo’s Upper Town will be transformed into a wonderful outdoor “green living room”. But not only that. A few steps away, in Piazza Mascheroni, another surprising installation will welcome visitors, inviting them to stop and enjoy the colours, aromas, flavours and entertainment. And right there, in Piazza Mascheroni, RadiciGroup will be present with its yarn: the square will be covered with artificial grass made of the Group’s own MY RADIGREEN® yarn. The producer of the synthetic turf is SIT-IN SPORT, an Italian leader in artificial grass manufacturing.

MY RADIGREEN®: a line of exclusive “All In One” combinations of straight and textured monofilaments which is the hallmark of maximum creativity, innovation, production flexibility, customization and safety. MY RADIGREEN® is the ideal choice for the manufacture of long-lasting turf with excellent appearance that can make the most of public and private green spaces, opening up possibilities for unexpected uses and making outside areas more liveable – all the while allowing for maximum design creativity.