ETF Machinefabriek B.V.

Our ‘imaginative engineering’ translates your vision into a smart solution. We excel in inventive ways of applying state of the art technology for a product that is tailor made to our customers’ needs. We are building the most ingenious machines, using over 70 years of experience in machine manufacturing and industrial automation.

ETF Machinefabriek B.V. has been operating as a manufacturer of machines for the floor covering and non-woven industry since 1951. Every day we work with pride, passion and lots of energy to fulfil our customers needs. We provide functional solutions for inspection, measuring, cutting, rolling, wrapping, packaging, transporting and sorting materials up to 7 meters wide. Our machines are custom designed based on our rock-solid concepts and years of knowledge and experience. With our machines we can also include smart customised process automation to decrease the number of operators to an absolute minimum. We supply and service our machines worldwide. Working online and with qualified service engineers to solve any problem you may encounter: quickly and accurately.

GKB Machines

Mechanisation is an important factor when it comes to open-space planning techniques. Machines that can carry out tasks quickly, evenly and with great precision help improve the efficiency of your work, both on natural-, artificial-, and hybrid-grass.

At GKB machines we believe that there is always room for improvement. That is why we design and build our own machines, using our many years of experience and depth of knowledge. We then supply these machines to both our domestic and international clients. We are best known among our clients and in the market for machines that are specially designed for the laying, maintenance and redevelopment of sports fields.

We like to tell you that GKB groep is one of the biggest contractors in The Netherlands and also a family company since 1946. We laydown also pitches in the Netherlands. That’s where the knowledge come from about building and maintaining natural-, artificial-, and hybrid pitches.