NMC Termonova Oy

NMC Termonova Oy (est. 1979) located in Finland, is a subsidary of NMC Group based in Belgium, producing a range of XLPE foams for many applications in industries, construction and sports & leisture segments. For different sport applications, indoor and outdoor, PE-foam is converted to different products groups to fulfill a variety of application demands.


Founded in 2006, Eurofield is a French company that manufactures artificial turf. Our production is based out of Isbergues, in the Pas-de-Calais, the industrial heartland of Northern France.

Eurofield offers a comprehensive range of products for the French market, from high-performance sports turf to artificial grass for landscaping applications.

Retaining the human scale of a family-run company has allowed Eurofield to stay flexible and responsive, and to preserve close relationships with its exclusive partners throughout France while offering a range of high-quality products.

This close collaboration with our partners and customers provides Eurofield with an in-depth knowledge of the demands of market requirements, allowing us to continuously adapt our products to best fit the evolving needs of our clientele.

Eurofield scrupulously complies with standards and regulations to offer durable, high-quality synthetic sports surfaces, perfectly suited to the needs of athletes.

Seeking to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, we also founded Fieldservices, a subsidiary specialising in the turf installation process from start to finish; resurfacing old pitches, laying new ones and maintaining sports grounds.



re-bounce® into our world of shock pads

Artificial turf and re-bounce® shock pads are a winning combination on numerous levels. With artificial turf surfaces, sports facilities can use their available space more efficiently, create longer-lasting pitches and reduce the time and investment needed for maintenance. re-bounce® shock pads complement these benefits by ensuring player comfort and safety, delivering more consistent performance and contributing to a more sustainable pitch with a smaller environmental footprint. The combination results in the optimal performance, safety and longevity of artificial turf systems.

Thanks to the recent acquisition of Recticel Engineered Foams, Carpenter has extended its portfolio with shock pads that have a well-established track record and welcomed a team of experts in engineered solutions with vast experience in the artificial turf industry. Carpenter re-bounce® is the ideal partner for artificial turf producers and users: a shock pad partner you can count on.

re-bounce® into sustainable sports

Key to the success of re-bounce® is its open cell bonded polyurethane foam, which offers significant environmental benefits without compromising on performance or quality. With a circular sports economy in mind, post-industrial trim foam (production waste) is used as raw material to create a durable product that is now fully recyclable at the end of its life.

As well as reducing environmental impact, the system has financial advantages for customers and project owners, presenting opportunities to save on waste disposal and to qualify for sustainability subsidies. The artificial turf industry as a whole will benefit from this improved and circular production model.

re-bounce® into climate adaptation

re-bounce® is a climate-adaptive shock pad that offers future proof, sustainable benefits. Thanks to its open cell structure, the foam absorbs water which enables cooling through evaporation, reducing heat stress for the players and environment. The capacity for water absorption is combined with excellent drainage performance, making it an ideal complement to water collection systems. The shock pad also conducts heat easily through the turf system, facilitating field heating and energy collection systems.

re-bounce® into the perfect match

All of this adds up to a better experience, which is extended to people who own, manage, and build sports facilities. The shock pads come in a range of types and thicknesses and in tailored lengths. Each product is supported by first-rate customer service, advice and technical expertise to ensure quick, easy installation. A 20-year warranty, based on constant product performance over time, and an attractive total cost of ownership, add to peace of mind.

The owner benefits go hand in hand with a next-level experience for players. re-bounce® shock pads meet official sport associations’ criteria and standards, including EN 15330-4. In addition, the improved and homogenous sport performance properties of the pitch make the players feel safer and feel less stress, which reduces injury risk.


Lano Sports

Originally solely a carpet manufacturer, Lano branched out into the sports & landscaping industry with its range of artificial turf systems. It’s this striving for perfection that has been featuring Lano Sports for over 30 years, not only reflecting in the design and manufacturing of our products, but also in the service we offer to our customers. With a tailor-made approach, we aim for nothing less than the best possible result. With every specific project, Lano Sports aims to achieve nothing less than absolute customer delight.
The best evidence for this approach are our references. Football, hockey, tennis, rugby, golf … The list of clubs and organisations that are convinced by our way of working gets longer by the year. Among them are several prestige projects for top sports teams.
Lano Sports is FIFA Licensee & FIH Preferred Supplier

Juta a.s.

JUTAgrass® is a registered trademark of JUTA company engaged in manufacturing and sale of artificial grass. The JUTAgrass®
was founded in 2008. Since then it has become an important and respected player in the global arena of the artificial grass producers,
with activities in 24 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
A long-term experience with the extrusion process in JUTA enables the unique and proven “under one roof concept”. Continuous
modernization of technologies and research focused on new products are the basis for company development. The optimal use of
investments helps to achieve the economic targets with the sales volume reaching 1.800.000 m2 in 2017.
JUTA a.s. is a FIFA licensed company and a proud member of ESTO, SAPCA and Fedairsport. The quality of the fibers and the complete grass systems for sport, especially for the football, represent the main objectives and the long-term program for JUTA production.