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RevoSport foam shockpad has been developed by Vita Cellular foams (UK) Ltd.

It is manufactured at our site in Middleton, Greater Manchester and is a UK manufactured product.

Vita have multiple manufacturing and conversion sites across Europe, the UK and also in the USA making Vita a true Pan European manufacturer of polyurethane foam products with over 3,000 employees. It is these sites that will also allow us to hold stock of the product for delivery across Europe and farther.

The new RevoSport shock pad is a great solution for both outdoor and indoor artificial sports surfaces.

Vita Cellular Foams are true innovators of foam and became the first UK based company to providecommercially available quantities of their new innovation “Combustion Modified Foam (CM)”, which provided far safer, more flame retardant materials than had previously been available to the market. These flammability standards remain in place in the UK to the present day.

The new RevoSport shock pad is another innovation as it is infused with our Revo technology to help with drainage and has been developed in a range of differing densities and thicknesses to encompass all sporting activities.

RevoSport can be supplied in pre-manufactured and brand packaged rolls to suit the width ofthe pitch.

Vita have a range of delivery vehicles with moffats on ( Fork Lift Truck ) which will allow us to easily off load the rolls and help put them in situ on the field, ready to be laid.

RevoSport is a true fully recyclable product as it is manufactured using waste PU foam and can then be brought back to us after its life cycle and then recycled to create a new roll of RevoSport. .

If our product is of interest please do contact us.

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