Trocellen is the only manufacturer in Europe producing both chemically and physically cross-linked PO foams. During our more than 40 years of history we have established strong presence and stable relationships on he market. With the support of our Japanese shareholders, Furukawa Electric Co. and Otsuka Chemical Co. we are aiming to provide high standards and game changing solutions.
Due to their excellent technical features, durability and great value for money our products are widely used in the sports and fitness industry as well as construction, packaging, health, footwear and automotive industries.
We've been present in the artificial turf shock pad business for more than 25 years. Through our excellent ProGame brand we provide long-lasting, high quality solutions for pitches with the highest standards. During our activity we focus on quality, sustainability and above all the maximum safety and comfort of the users, be it a professional or leisure athlete.

Key People

Luca Girelli
Business Unit Manager

Martin Laidler
Sales Manager

Mülheimer Strasse 26
53840 Troisdorf (DE)


Tel: +49 2241 2549 250

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