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We introduce you Mr. Milan Vopička, company director.
Gradually, he was the chief engineer of projects of the sport centres Slavia, Sparta, Dukla Juliska, Club Motel Průhonice, and Central Tennis Courts at Štvanice. In 1989 he established and since then has been the owner and director of the company Sport-Technik Bohemia. A top specialist in sports structures regarding their artificial surfaces and courageous architectural designs and technologies. As the author of the programme “Construction of Multipurpose Playing Fields as a Means of Fighting Drugs” – i.e. construction of sports grounds on the level of the new millennium (especially for school youth, not only for top sportsmen). More than 40 years in one profession; he is also an active sportsman himself and used to be a national team, ice-hockey league and tennis league player.
Turnkey sports structures: football pitches with artificial lawns of 3rd generation, winter stadiums, tennis courts with equipment, athletic stadiums with equipment, halls and gymnasiums with equipment, multipurpose playing fields.

Key People

Mr. Milan Vopička
President and Director
+420 602 122 020

Sport Technik Bohemia

Sokolovska 40

186 00 Prague 8

Czech Republic


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